• Belief in Progress

    There has been a rising cause to believe in rationale and science instead of the idea of an all supreme being. Logic is replacing belief, and fact is becoming more and more in demand when making up one's mind. The important ideas of heaven and hell are also becoming trivial to younger generations, and seem more and more fictional.

  • Yes, it can repalce it

    It's always been the evolution of the matter. Its only a matter of time that it fixes itself. There has been nothing really good that has come out of religion. The world is going to be a better place without it. Science is far superior when we wake up, we will be a better place.

  • For Some It Can

    I think there are many people who have choose science much like some people choose a religion. For some people this works quite well. I do not think we will reach a time when science will completely place religion. I know some religions are making strides to pair up with science and relate their studies between the two fields. Other people simply won't give up their religion based on faith, which is very powerful for some people.

  • Science is How and Religion is Why

    Simply, religion answers scientific questions that science can't answer. Why did life start? Why do we die? Why is there suffering? Why did something come from nothing to create everything?

    Science and religion actually go very well together, as the existence of a God can actually be fathomable by open minded scientists as, for example, the start of life (although some non religious scientists prefer to believe that Aliens started life on earth rather than a God)

    So religion is not going away, whether you believe in God or not.

  • The science cant replace the religion

    Earlier when just men settled into the society. They started fighting themselves. Then afterward when men developed much. Some wise people thought and to make a religion which helped people to unite but as day passed some greedy people added some superstition to it for their self benefit.As science is developing rapidly this can overcome superstitions but religion is a human beneficial science. So it cant be dismissed.

  • No, science cannot replace religion.

    No, I do not believe that science can ever replace religion. I think both have a place in society. And neither will replace the other. There is no way that science will ever replace some people's believes and faiths in their religion. I think people can find a way to incorporate both into their lives.

  • No, I don't think science can replace religion.

    I think that regardless of how far science advances there will always be a segment of the population who believe that there is a fundamental higher power out there, I see no reason why science and religion couldn't exist side by side without hostility, I don't envision a time where science has replaced religion.

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