Can selective breeding normalize Americans?

Asked by: Mirza
  • One time I agree with Mirza.

    I find that human evolution has been curbed due to the helpful nature of the average human being. Those who are weak are given help, while those who are strong are expected to pay their "fair share". People who are physically deformed or intellectually weak should be exterminated, and those who carry deformed genes should be exempt from reproduction. I believe in a superior race of human beings, one who have no sympathy or compassion, which are horrible human traits. We need to realize that the only way humanity can evolve is if we focus on intelligence rather than empathy. Nature works the same way. The weak in nature die, and the strong survive. Humans should be the exact same.

  • The American Culture Can Be Enlightened

    Yes, it is true, the American culture of Shooting and Fat can be cleansed and raised to the level of our European and Asian culture. With selective breeding, all Americans who have never held a gun will be selected to educate our youth and show them the destruction and evil they cause. The educated youth will become the USA's future and Americans will no longer be viewed as shooting barbarians to the rest of the world. Physical education must also become mandatory in American schools to eliminate the Fat. Only the fit and healthy will be able to advance beyond the basic education - physical education. This will enlighten the American people and bring them up to par with the rest of the civilized world.

  • Thankfully, yes it can.

    Behaviour is partly determined by our genetics. If not directly determined, there at, at the very least, certain genes that can be activated by certain phenomena in one's environment, which can be detrimental to one's mental health. We know that Americans suffer from a variety of mental issues, and while they are not the only people to do so, they are in a peculiar position, having the influence over the only superpower in the world. For this reason, it is imperative that they are sane and normal people, who are capable of engaging in rational thinking, empathy, and other normal or even above-average cognitive processes.

    Selective breeding is, in my very opinion, the best method for the normalization of Americans. If their government gives benefits to the normal people for breeding more than the rest, eventually the insane ones (i.E., most of them currently) will be unpooular, and stigmatized - pretty much like they are all elsewhere in the world. To those who as pessimistic, remember that even dogs are the result of selective breeding. The fact that you can pet such a grim, awful-looking creature without being chased around says something important about the nature and potency of selective breeding. Americans are no exception. They may be vile, stupid, highly overrated and dangerous, but those are only a few of the traits of the wolves we made into dogs, so this time it will be an easier process.

    I fully stand behind this.

  • Genes often have multiple effects, sometimes both good and bad

    And to some extent this is determined by genetics. In this example what's being determined is a greater open-mindedness and curiosity and most likely though not directly stated in the article a greater need for stimulation (perhaps these three things are in some way the same?). There are both good and bad (and even more gray) outlets for these things.

    So no selective breeding will not 'normalize' Americans if by normalize you mean "to make better". If you are instead being literal then perhaps it would since the selective breeders would follow their own narrow prejudices for what indicates good breeding and so we would become more 'normal' i.e. more uniform and average, lose diversity and dynamics and ultimately lose our innovative edge.

    A better solution is to improve people's access to opportunities, and educate people about the consequences of various actions. People are unlikely to worry about things like heroin ruining their future if they expect their future to consist of endless poverty regardless of their efforts.

    We should also promote interest in academics for its own sake, not just as a means to material or status ends. The more people are interested in academic endeavors the better and faster our society will advance.

  • "Normal" is subjective.

    The problem with utilizing terms such as "normalize" is that they are heavily based on personal understanding and belief. What one deems correct and proper is due to what their life experiences have taught them, and is beautifully unique for everyone. Certainly, Selective breeding CAN cause a change in society, it may even create your idea of utopia, but to others it would effectively create a hell on Earth.

    The Eugenics movement of the early 19th century should serve as a warning to us. People were forcibly sterilized for anything from committing crime to having mental illnesses. Many were even euthanized because they happened to not fit in with what a proper citizen was supposed to be. Nazi Germany took it way further and committed genocide because of a centuries-old scapegoating.

    We should never expect ourselves so above others that we get to dictate what should and shouldn't be allowed to exist. We are all humans. While some may hold certain values above others, that diversity in thought is something so beautiful that I would never give it away so that we could avoid an argument, or have things exactly our way.

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