• Pros and Cons of Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker at WWE WrestleMania 32

    Since the McMahons do own WrestleMania, The Undertaker will do his part well and be entertaining. Vince would not make this match line up if he didn't think Shane could win the event. Shane has arguably never had a bad match, and He should win if he continues in that style.

  • No he cant

    Can Shane McMahon defeat the Undertaker?

    No Shane McMahon cannot defeat the Undertaker, and there are multiple reasons to why he cannot. Shane McMahon will never be able to defeat the Undertaker because, the Undertaker is a phenom. The Undertaker is undoubtedly one of the best WWE Superstars to ever be in the business, Shane McMahon is the CEO’s son, not a wrestler. According to IWD the Undertaker has an astonishing career record of 515 wins, 65 draws, and 181 losses. Shane McMahon has 33 wins, 11 draws, and 38 losses. Not only is the Undertaker’s win loss ratio outstanding, he has a 22-1 record at Wrestlemania, Shane McMahon will be fighting him at Wrestlemania. The match will be a Hell in a Cell match, which the Undertaker specializes in. While understanding that some believe that the Undertaker is getting old, and will not be able to hold his own against a younger opponent. Though this thought is a good one, the Undertaker has more experience and he’s the Phenom. Shane McMahon will not defeat the Undertaker, there is no way he will be able to beat a legend.

  • No, Shane McMahon cannot defeat the Undertaker

    It is not easy task to beat Undertaker. McMahon cannot be a right match for him. Undertaker is a very difficult guy in the bout for any opponent. You know how great a person Undertaker is. He is a gentleman of the WWE game. He is a star for all of us.

  • Though Shane McMahon is an incredible athlete and wrestler, he cannot defeat the Undertaker.

    While Shane McMahon is a great athlete and competitor, the Undertaker will handily defeat him. The Undertaker has years of experience on his side, as well as athleticism that rivals McMahon's in more ways than one. McMahon may have an advantage over the Undertaker in terms of size, but the Undertaker as more sheer strength and mobility.

  • Shane McMahon can't defeat the Undertaker

    Shane McMahon can't defeat the Undertaker because the Undertaker is named the Undertaker for a reason. He is able to annihilate anyone in his path. I doubt they'd show McMahon beating the Undertaker as well because the Undertaker has a propensity to win wrestling matches against the other wrestlers in WWE.

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