• Yes, the Smart Fork is a helpful tool.

    The Smart Fork helps to monitor how much a person is taking in during every meal. This is very helpful for people who want to make sure they are burning more calories than they're taking in. However, the device will only work for those who are committed to losing weight. After all, the Smart Fork has to be used with every meal for best results.

  • Yes, Smart Forks can be helpful.

    Smart Forks are an intelligently accurate way for dieters to keep track of the calories they are consuming. This is a very useful tool for weight loss; however, those who use the product should understand that there is not substitute for hard work and correct attention to diet. If the dieter wants the Smart Fork to work, it will. The product reveals calories and food servings, so individuals can use this information to achieve their weight loss goals.

  • Yes, if the individual is determined to lose weight

    Smart Forks are a tool that monitor how much a person eats, which helps a person monitor calories and fat. While this is a useful tool for people who are looking to lose weight, it will only work when the individual is serious about making the necessary lifestyle changes that will lead to weight loss.

  • No, 'smart forks' cannot help people lose weight.

    I believe that 'smart forks' will not help people lose weight. A fork that vibrates if a person eats too quickly may slow that person down but will not result in weight loss. It is just another gimmick to try and help people lose weight. Here's the bottom line: a person will lose weight by watching what he or she eats and exercising. There are no magic pills or forks that will work.

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