• Yes, any social media is deffinately very addictive.

    When you are going to the shopping centre you see people out the front looking at their device on social media. I can think of better things to do in a lunch break than my head stuck into a device looking at what everyone else is doing. It is addictive, it is very addictive. You can never go to town without seeing at least 20 people looking at social media.

  • Social media is addictive.

    I have a social life but social media is one of many ways to communicate with others go through their feeds, updates, pictures, posts. I just can't stay away. I am writing an essay and my question is "Can social media be actually be addictive?", and from what i have seen and experienced a majority of them is addicted. I think it has more to do with how your brain functions than any other sort of way but if you think it's a no please explain on here cuz i need to know.

  • Social Media is addictive

    It is addictive mainly because it is so easily accesible, we have it on our phones today. As soon as we wake up, what do we think about? Checking our social media sites. It is a new form of communication. "Oh hey i dont have her number, ill just message her on facebook."

  • Social media is very addictive

    Yes social media can be and often is addictive. People love to see into others lives or share their lives publicly and social media helps them do that. Like anything people can become obsessed with the idea where it takes on too large a part of their life and becomes addictive.

  • Yes it has the attraction force in itself

    I strongly agree with this statement that social media can be addicted for any person and nowadays number of people facing this problem for not to leave this and take this with a adequate effective manner number of people using this social media just as a fun and not only a fun place but also a autonomous abusing place where could be happen anything and nobody will stop you and because of that people becoming addicted and always think about what is actually going on fb or twitter and have disruption with their profession be it private sector or public sector and I have also been addicted from this social media but finally I have overcome with this problem .

  • Yes.

    I personally use social media on a daily basis. I would say I use it at least one hour a day. I find myself using it a lot, and without it I become bored or depressed. I find this sad because this is the same way with most teenagers and some young adults.

  • It already is.

    I was on Google the other day, and I typed in "can you live without" and the first thing that came up was "can you live without social media." I think the fact that people these days don't even know whether it's physically possible to live without social media proves definitely that not only is social media addictive, but that it's a serious problem in today's society.

  • Yes It Can

    Social media can be addictive and I have personally seen people that are addicted on it. Some people spend all day on social media sites. There are signs that people are addicts, like talking to people online when it would be just as easy to contact them by text or calling.

  • Social Media is Definitely Addictive

    In my opinion and experience social media is very addicting.

    You only have to watch people checking Facebook and Twitter while they are driving or having lunch with another person. I watched two young girls in a restaurant sharing a salad and neither one of them said a word to the other, they were on Facebook the entire time.

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  • There is nothing stopping you from stopping.

    Social media is not addictive. It is merely a habitual activity that you fall into, like eating toast for breakfast instead of cereal. If you have a habit, its not addictive, it's just a routine. If you stopped using social media, you wouldn't have physical withdrawals, you would eventually get out of your habit. Continuing with my example of breakfast, if you switch from toast every morning to cereal, you would gradually get used to it. Therefore social media is not addictive, just a habit you can get into, and out of.

  • Nope not at all

    I honestly think that social media is not addictive at all. It all depends on its user. If your one of those guys who logs on and stays connected for hours and hours browsing through peoples pics and posts then maybe you need to limit your time on social media. How hard is it to turn of your off your phone? You need to put your phone down and look up dude, life is happening. Go out and have fun. Looking through other peoples pics will make you stay inside all day not getting to enjoy all the things you want to do. If anything i find it as a distraction.

  • Time to introspect!

    If social media is addictive,then it is more like an alcohol,so technically thinking, if we consume alcohol ,we are chain drunkers,which states that more than half the population in this world would suffer from liver diseases. But,fortunately that's not the case! People do consume alcohol but not on daily basis . It's occasional and a little dose of it is not lethal. Similarly, social media is not addictive at all unless you are a victim of depression or aloof from the rest of the world. It has more to do with the psychology of the individual and not the genuine human nature. Humans are the fastest evolving and the most intellect of all species , and the significant ingredient integrated in us is to control. We have a conscience which guides us all the time,so how is it possible that we cant refrain from social media. Of course we can! And most of us do! We cant let our own creations control us, social media was created so as to provide us an immediate source to the happenings in our universe and also as a source of recreation. And it not a continuous use, its periodically !

  • You lack self-control.

    Everything is addictive. Just because you enjoy and habitually look at something doesn't mean its addictive. Lets look at some real addictions like methamphetamine, alcohol, cocaine, LSD, and those other drugs that they told you to stay away from in high school. Yep... if you are one of those guys/girls who get depressed when you get off of Facebook, then I have some bad news for you. You are most likely a bit socially awkward, and should probably go out and spend time with your peers more. Eh?

  • No

    Social media is not really addictive. It just becomes a habitual activity that is reinforced by your social group. If you just step away from social media for a small amount of time, like a day or a week, you can see that it really is not that important. People need to take responsibility for their obsessions with social media.

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