Can social media be useful in pressuring the India government?

  • It can pressure any government

    Social media has gotten to the point that it can not be ignored by anyone. For many, it's a news source, gathering hall, debate forum, artistic outlet, and job all in one. It now performs such a role that no entity can ignore it without losing an opportunity for itself. The Indian government is smart enough to realize that a good image on social media is important for the strength of the country and their own image in people's minds.

  • Yes social media can help any country.

    Social media can be very useful in pressuring the Indian government, because the one thing that India has in its favor is numbers. India is the second most-populated country and if somehow even half of those people reached a social media outlet under the same cause then the word could get out. Members in America, Canada or the UK can hear about this big trending movement and get the ball rolling to pressure the government.

  • Yes, social media can be useful in pressuring any government.

    There is no reason to think India is immune to the pressures of social media. It is, after all, the word of the people. Social media gives new opinions a much larger stage than they typically would have and allows new movements to become stronger, faster. It is already evident in places like Egypt where social media is aiding the women's rights movement, and its power is already evident in India with the rise in protests against women being raped. Such a message is greatly strengthened by getting the word out to the countries populace.

  • I do not think so!

    The Indian government is going to do whatever they feel is in their best interest. Social media is designed to entertain and inform their audience. I do not feel that television is going to influence the government to take a different stance or approach to the issues at hand. I believe a lot more has to happen before change can take place.

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