• Yes, social media can transform a classroom

    Social media can transform a classroom by making information readily available to students. The average student is on the go, busy, and accustomed to social media like twitter, facebook, and instagram. By taking advantage of social media professors can ensure that their course material and supplementary documents are within grasp of every student in his or her class.

  • It's already started to.

    No current college student can claim that they have not interacted with social media in some way or another. Whether it's friending your professor on Facebook, or even if it's just friending a fellow student to compare notes, it has affected the way that students approach their work and studies. Some schools and teachers have gone so far as to change their assignments to better take advantage of the social networks that students spend so much time on.

  • It Has Transformed Classes

    Social media has already transformed classrooms. I have personally had courses where the professor assigns class discussions and wants them done on Facebook. I expect this to continue as Facebook and other social media sites become more popular. I expect online courses to start doing this more often as well.

  • I don't see how social media can effect the classroom.

    I think that social media can be used in a case study. But what exactly would social media do in the classroom itself? What should the kids do, hit like on a specific historical fact? I think that's really silly. I think that classrooms should be traditional and the internet should not be a focal point.

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