Can social social media start WORLD WAR 78

Asked by: TheRod
  • As a matter of fact, I believe it can.

    If we assume that by the 78th World War, mankind has realised that wars can be fought via emojis and aggressive messages not exceeding 140 words on Twitter, which would result in 1. No fatalities 2. No necessity for budget to be spent on the military, leaving more money for the colonisation of the 5 other uncolonised planets 3. Just no violence in general, which would definitely gain the support of many, this is a likely scenario.

    The above assumed future scenario (Aggressive usage of Social Media) would ensure that the conditions set out by the question can be easily satisfied.

    That is:
    1. It is the 78th World War
    Due to the accessibility of social media in the future, wars can be easily started by anyone in the world, and people will be less careful about it due to the lack of physical mutilation, torture, and generally murder.

    2. Social Media will start it
    This is an incredibly realistic possibility and there is literally no reason for further elaboration.

    Furthermore, due to current evidences about how butthurt people can get on the internet, as well as the predicted popularity of the Emoji Movie (coming to you soon in like less than a week or something), I don't see why this WOULDN'T be a thing.

  • Social media can Start wars

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  • Hello my people

    Hi people cant start a war i mean come on only trump can start a war how many people started a war 0 ya that is right 0.I am not talking about tiny little fights people get in those but trump gets in those tip of war so boom by

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