Can society be wrong about what is good for society?

Asked by: MasturDbtor
  • Yes yes yes

    First of all, I think anything is possible, has possibility to be true or wrong to be good or bad.

    So on, society makes mistakes, because there are so many people in a society and society rules are accepted due to the person who has more impact than others, I see it in the society I live.

  • Yes, because people can be vastly different.

    Since society is made up of all kinds of people, there are going to be all kinds of ideas about what is good for society, so of course society can be wrong. There is no way to incorporate what all people believe is good for society, and considering the pendulum swings between those committing crime and those who live very civilized lives, there would be no way to come to any resolution.

  • absolutely it can be

    I'm not a hundred percent sure who came up with how everyone should act or behave in the world. But the truth of the matter is we all have our own DNA, and figure prints for a reason. An that is not so that we can all act the same. Society is so easily influenced, people believe things just because there are on the news, or because it is just easier to just go along. They might know that it is wrong they might even have the proof, but most people seem to think its better to do nothing about it because it's not their life that is being toyed with. And in some cases they are just to afraid to go against what society say is wrong or right

  • Yes, society can be wrong about what is good for them.

    Some people are easily convinced of what is or isn't good for them. Sometimes all it takes is one person to make hundreds of people follow that belief blindly. They believe that it is what is best for them, but that doesn't mean they are right. At times it takes an outsider, or someone else to step in and shed some light upon us.

  • Absolutely it can

    Nazi Germany is the best example. Also, the Soviet Union, any society that had slaves(arguably you could say in some situations it was good based on the economic metric but there are other ways of measuring the good besides money and I would argue that it's better for all to be poor and free than for some people to be slaves), and of course we can expect that while our society isn't too terrible it has major flaws and people often have flawed or distorted ideas of the social good. Some people uncritically endorse what ever society thinks as being good for society. That sort of thinking is dangerous and makes it easy for some very smart, clever people who wish to profit off of people's ignorance to take advantage of society at large.

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