• Culture is not a single an absolute material thing that is out there and human will take it. Culture is the consequence of material evolution.

    If we apply the dialectical approach, According to which nothing related to matte and matter it self is static. Matter and very thing relater to it is in continuous changing and evolving state and nothing can exist with the tendency of change in it, Then we new that there were no human beings for ever. The material evolution caused them. They evolved to such an extend (at that time there was no culture) that their being started effecting the material world around then, That is humans, For their survival in the harsh condition for survival, Made efforts and changed their environment by compelling to do something and not to do others. This continuous action of doing and and doing built a set of rules that was followed and transmitted by the successors. Gradually the interaction between human, Material world and the environment changed all these three components so much that a very complex whole called 'culture' was formed.
    Now any culture is not absolute, Static and final. Humans made it when there wasn't any and it effected them so much that they began to feel they can not survive without it. So it the human of the present world for whom culture has become as much essential as food, Air and water.
    So culture is not something fix and rigid it is a way of behaving in a particular material condition so if a single man is isolated from his main culture he would definitely survive with a culture if his own. This culture would be so simple and obvious that he would be very different from his contemporary complex cultured counterparts.
    Since humans made culture and culture in return shapes human it can be think of as the mass of matter, When ever a matter is formed it gets its intrinsic property of mass. Similarly when a group of people gather unconsciously and deliberately culture is formed. The group its self does not goes out to invent a culture. They struggle and interact with the material world as a consequence a uniform behavior of dealing with the world seeps in them.
    So it is nonsense of think human without culture because it is like thinking matter without mass.

  • The reason why I believe that we don't need culture is because each different culture divides us and makes us a different society.

    It's why people are not created equal and some people still claim that "All men are created equal". However, I disagree to this ridiculous quote, because the way how I see it that people are born, raised, act, believe, express, and look differently compared to everyone else. It felt like that this world is not whole but separated all because of things unecessary to the world we expect to live in.

  • Culture is the culprit that divides us

    While serving to unite groups it also serves, detrimentally, to divide us on the same lines. In time, a global union will surpass the thousands of localized cultures as they become redundant. No longer will we want to distinguish ourselves in a superior way through religions, customs, languages, and traditions that celebrate our differences.

  • Culture implies some degree of coherence

    I'm a white, non-Southern American. I don't think I have any culture at all.

    Someone on the other side defined culture as "language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts". We (me and other white, non-Southern Americans) speak the world's de facto international language. We don't really have a single dialect -- we just emulate other dialects that we hear. Many of us, myself included, have no religion. We don't have our own cuisine, we just eat foods from other cultures, on an individual basis. For example, I eat mostly Asian food. I don't think we have clearly-defined social habits either. Different families and cliques seem to have different rules of conduct and ideas about morality. It causes some friction. We certainly don't have our own essential style of music. I personally like Finnish folk music, bluegrass (which is a Southern thing, though that's not my origin), French electro, and various other random things. Arts? I don't think we have any that is distinct from the rest of the world.

    My point is that, although we may have come from societies that had distinct cultures at one point in time, it's all so mixed around now that I think we're about as different from each other as we are from other cultures. The noise drowns the signal.

    Finally, a culture is self-aware. It produces a sense of belonging, an awareness of that culture's history, and maybe even a mild feeling of pride. I don't think we have any of those things. We don't even have a name.

  • It's just a fact.

    A society cannot operate without culture. Anarchy is probably the closest we as a race could get without culture, And since no collection of people (country or country-less) has maintained an anarchy for an extended amount of time, Anarchy is impossible. America has culture. Southern America has culture. Micronations such as Sealand or Liechtenstein have culture, Despite being extremely new because every country, Every collection of humans, Needs to sustain some sort of order, Which requires culture. (Also, Every country or non-distinct spot in the world has had some sort of outside intervention. ) (That is, Other than Island or Forest tribes that have had little to no outsider intervention, Although those have customs and an order, Therefore they have culture. ) Even if there's no "formal" order, An order must be maintained none the less. Although many (including myself) resent the culture of the southern United States or the intense European colonialism that has plagued this world within the last few centuries, There was still culture there. Traditions have still been passed down (holidays, Schooling religion, Family hierarchy, Governments, Language, Etc. ) Some just choose to deny that as culture because that's the culture that they choose to deny or find problematic. (Whether it is actually problematic or not is another debate. ) We need to distinguish the difference between a "rich" and "structured" culture and a "morally wrong" and "unjust" culture. They're both cultures! We need to recognize the bad culture and focus on the good culture. We cannot just deny that the wrongdoings of past cultures didn't exist, For history will just repeat itself all over again in the mess that we call society.

  • Society is culture

    If there was no culture, Society would create culture. Because all mankind cannot physically occupy the same space though, There will always be culture through simple geographic existence. Those in the northern hemisphere will be culturally different than those who live near the equator in order to survive to say the least.

  • No Culture No Society

    It is through culture that one can express his/her uniqueness in all aspects of human life; such as beliefs, schooling, eating and types of meals, sports etc. Any human being exists in a society, and each society has its culture and values, therefore for every human being is a cultural being.

  • Culture is synonymous with what it is to be human.

    Erasing culture is akin to erasing history because history is a recording of the advancements and clashes pf multiple cultures. Without culture you destory the idea of "travel". The purpose of traveling, tourism, is to leanr from and experience other cultures that do not exist in your geographical region of the world. No culture means that every place in the world will be the same in absolutely every aspect, archetecture, food, clothing, language, religion, etc. Without culture intrinsic human values such as life, freedom, and justice, disappear because such ideas can only be measured in reference to how valued it is in another culture. Life itself would be desolate if culture is to become extinct.

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  • I say no

    We cannot live without culture. Culture makes us unique, it makes us different - which is good to be different - it makes us special and it gives us identity. Without culture, we'll all be the same, we will all have the same talents, arts, personalities, ;languages and we won't be special. Because being different makes every single person unique and special.

  • Society creates culture

    Society inherently creates culture in boredom. No one wants to be a machine, and thus we do things without need, this is culture. It is not culture to eat slop every day, unless you enjoy the slop among friends and family. It is not culture to do a job, but when one personalizes their job and creates common threads among their co-workers. Society can't keep from creating culture. People are unique which binds them all together, to create common threads of culture, among our differences.

  • Hello, my name is Ilyas

    I suppose it rather controversial issue, nevertheless.. I don't think one can exist without the other.

    Culture is the natural product of human society. The rites and rituals and observances we enjoy bind us together, and give us our group identity, and lend meaning to our existence.

    Without society there would be no culture, and without a common cultural experience are we really a society?

  • What is Culture? Definition of Culture

    All societies have their own unique culture.

    "Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts. Today, in the United States as in other countries populated largely by immigrants, the culture is influenced by the many groups of people that now make up the country."

    So, you can't have a society and not have a culture.

    This is another nonsense question, like many posted at this site, usually by total idiots.

  • Culture is a by product of society

    Culture is a collection of knowledge or practice that is passed down from generation to generation. Therefore, so long as human race and human language existed, culture will always be maintained, modified, or recreate along with human society. Specific culture might disappear overtime but the new one will always emerged so long as human existed.

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