Can society learn from past mistakes and avoid repeating them?

Asked by: pwhs2014
  • If you are referring to

    The Holocaust, isn't that the point of the movies, museums, documentaries, the guest talks, books, and every other thing imaginable said about the event as not to forget it so it will not be repeated? What kind of question is this? Or if this is representative to the type of people in future, I guess we should be worried.

  • Cigarette smoking has diminished over the past couple decades.

    Smoking back in the 40s was a regular activity for all human beings, even pregnant women and children. Today doctors advise that pregnant women should not smoke and neither should children. A study done by U of T shows that GTA (Greater Toronto Area) has lost over 85% of the smokers it had 20 years ago. Society can learn from mistakes and will stop repeating them.

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