• Equal in the eyes of the law...

    Everyone should be held to the same standard, and that's it. Everyone, me included, is equally worthless.
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  • Everybody deserves to be equal

    If people all work together and talk their problems through we will be able to divide our resources equally and share wealth and knowledge. There is no need for wars and fighting in the world, particularly when we all have the same shared goal. You cannot choose your race or gender therefore you should not be discriminated for it.

  • Society can be equal

    Society can truly be equal only if we want it to be
    out there, there are more things that we don't see sometimes its not only for male and female but for the lgbt society,for the race and religion of a person. Anything is possible only if we make it our society will become equal in color race and sex one day and that day is going to come really soon by the fact people are fighting for their rights we need to realise its not the Muslim's who are terrorists and not the black people who are thieves and white people are not always the smartest and yes society can truly be equal .

  • Yes. Easy to

    I understand that people have different opinions on the topic, but society can EASILY become truly equal! If people just could respect others' way of life, race, sex, etc. It's not someone's fault that they're a certain race or was born into poverty. If you weren't, just thank God you weren't

  • Yes! What do you think will happen when technology over takes the average citizen?

    First I would like to point there is an extreme amount "No's" and to all of you nay sayers. What do you think civilization will be like in 50 to 100 years?

    When big business sees an opportunity to unleash technology they do it. What will happen when a robot takes your place in a factory? Or every factory? What will happen when abundance and sustainability is everywhere? What will happen when robots create and/or repair other robots? Will we all just be homeless? No. When we get to that point there will be almost no jobs. Free housing, free food, free water and electricity, internet, travel, education everything.

    You might ask. How do we get there? Educate your kids. Invest in science and technology. Tell your politician to talk about these problems. If he or she doesn't want to talk about them kick them out. Get a new one. The human race can do this and we all need to believe in that idea.

  • If only, right?

    The fight for equality will go on forever because there is always the question of treating everyone equally or treating people the way in which they deserve. For instance, I myself will be treated better than a criminal but worse than say Obama, and rightly so. Equality is both fair and not fair and is a debate that our society will consistently go through.

  • D8 said We wish... But in reality No!

    No because there are always going to be people who are judgemental e.g. racist, homophobic, trans-phobic. There will always be discrimination.

    No because in schools some students always need more help therefore they can't be equal. People aren't equal and should be judged differently because everyone is different.

    Criminals shouldn't be treated with equality because they have done something wrong. However, they could be mentally unstable and therefore it is not their fault. Nonetheless they have done a crime and shouldn't be treated with equality. Perhaps they should receive a lesser sentence instead. It is ridiculous to treat people with equality as you can't treat a baby the same as a student, or adult.

    If everyone works together it could work. We could make an effort to treat everyone the same. However, not everyone buys into the idea of equality so it wouldn't work! It is human nature to be greedy and hateful.

  • Fairness not equality

    The consensus in M11 was that society can't or shouldn't be equal because we need leadership, individuality and the right to excel through hard work and your contribution to society. What is important, though is fairness of opportunity. Everyone should get a shot at bettering themselves as well as helping others who can't help themselves.

  • B4 says no

    People will always crave more wealth, glory and power due to the social hierarchy created by wages. You are judged by intelligence and upbringing and status. This is bred from an exam results driven society. Some people receive privileges because of their contacts and social background. (4 more words needed)

  • V5 say NO!

    We can never have an equal society because some people work harder than others, and it would be unfair if everyone earned the same amount of money. Some people have different needs, so it isn't possible to have an equal society. However, it would be good if everyone could have the same opportunities in life.

  • Society cannot be truly equal as there has to be some sort of order!

    V8 say: Who would do the 'higher demanding' jobs in comparison to those doing what is currently classed as more minor jobs? No one can truly be equal as there are too many factors that effect it. There are too many issues that would need to be addressed and not everyone shares the same views on this!

  • Society can be fairer, but not equal.

    D4 says that history teaches us that equality is not possible, or desired by the human race. We are naturally competitive, and we actually enjoy inequality - we want to be faster, stronger, richer more successful than the person next to us. Taking away this competitive element would introduce a malaise - people would not be motivated to work hard and to do jobs that are stressful - if they know that they can get just as much for doing very little. What we should push for is a fairer society, with equal opportunity, not equality.

  • D2 (the best form ever!) say NO!

    No matter where you go, there will always be people who think they are better than others, causing issues like racism, sexism, and prejudice in general. Everyone is unique, and this difference means we can never be equal. People should still respect others choices, but equality isn't needed for that to happen.

  • V5 say NO!

    We go for no. This is because for example, some people in school or at a job will work more harder than others. If money is shared equally, then people will work not as hard as they usually do. Also, people don't always get the same opportunities so they will say that it not actually very fair on them. Different people need different needs and all of the world has different views about everything so I may not be able to be changed.

  • Equality is Unattainable

    Applying equality to every aspect of our lives would take a monumental amount of time, money and power. Its is simply unattainable before we even begin to talk about other issues. Even in so called equal systems like communism we see corruption and brutality, there is no reason that this wouldn't arise here in England when we are trying to forge an equal society. Every one should start equal but then it should be up to the amount of time and effort you put into achieving your goals after completing equal education.

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Craighawley215 says2015-09-17T12:41:30.207
Anybody know what's the deal with all the TGAS/TGAGS?
TGASWHITEHOUSE says2015-09-18T09:10:37.923
M2 - majority say no!
Everyone's different so equality is unachievable and unrealistic. Human nature dictates the importance of self and therefore putting others first or viewing others as equals doesn't come naturally. The divide between wealth and poverty is too stark to truly achieve equality.
Craighawley215 says2015-09-18T13:47:03.167
Starting to wonder if this TGAS thing is some kind of bot system.