• Games are good for kids

    At King's Speech And Learning Center in Simsbury CT when I was done my time slot I played Minecraft on my mom's IPad. Somebody who worked there I knew walked out and said Minecraft was good for me. I was all confused. When she explained that it was good for me for my left eye because it was a bit slower and I had to find blocks in the creative mode menu to find blocks. Credits to King's Speech And Learning center and to Mojang who made Minecraft. :)

  • It's so obvious!

    Some games are created solely on education. While some do it better than others, the point is still there. Even games which you may consider non educational can leave a lasting effect on people which will change their perspectives on things

    If you want examples of educational games, just go to *sigh* mymaths and you can find things like fraction golf. Might not what you consider a game but it still counts as one.

  • Some games can be educational

    Some schools are starting to use games, such as Minecraft, to help with learning. Minecraft is being used to teach construction, among other things. Other games can actually help people in the real world. Games can help with reflex, so they can do things better and more efficient. So cool!

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