Can someone be an agnostic and still believe in evolution?

Asked by: SPYDIR
  • Of Course, As Most Knowledgeable Agnostics Do Support Evolution, As Do Most Knowledgeable Theists:

    Support for Evolution has nothing to do with Religion, it is more about How Much Knowledge A Person Has. A person with a good Scientific Knowledge, regardless of their faith, will have to support Evolution without question, because Anybody With A High Level Of Scientific Knowledge Would Know That Evolution Is Factual.

    It Is Knowledge Of Science That Makes A Person Support Evolution, Not Faith.
    That's the difference.

  • They're not even close to being in opposition.

    Unlike deists and theists, agnostics are in a splendid position of not really being sure of the existence of the divine. As science in general and evolution in particular have nothing to do with that particular question, at least directly, then there is even less conflict between the speculation of an agnostic and the factual truth of science.

    That being said, many agnostics end up taking a "fence-sitting" position, and argue for false equivalences (equal time, equal validity, etc.) This is an incorrect position. As long as the agnostic recognizes that, and the fact that the spheres of scientific fact and metaphysical speculation are entire separate, and ultimately incompatible, then I think he or she will be fine.

  • Of course they can.

    Fact is, even some religions have shifted their opinion on evolution. They say that man could have evolved from lower species but add "god did it" to the theory. In a way, this is showing how religion is evolving. They believe that evolution is fact and that their church members are were starting to accept it. This was leading to more and more people leaving the church and if this continued they would not have enough members to continue as a church. To stay as a church, they included evolution as part of the beliefs. This means they adapted to survive.
    Personally I think that agnostics are the great fence sitters of religion.

  • Agnostic about what?

    If they are agnostic about evolution, then they cannot believe in evolution as they are not sure. But if they are agnostic about something else that does not directly influence evolution then sure they can be agnostic on that subject. Agnostic is after all a position of doubt, whereas gnostic is certainty.

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