• The Curse of Sin is a Death-Penalty

    Due to inherited sin, we are ALL deserving of death from the one who initially put us here. In the beginning, we were made to live forever, but the consequences of Adam and Eve eating of the tree of knowledge of good and bad is that they inherited death. Before this they were perfect, exactly correct for the purpose they were here for, but now, they "broke" themselves for selfish reasons. Sadly, they had no children when they did this, so like a horrible curse, we have inherited death. Hence, our dying is deserved, as like a toaster that doesn't function properly, will be eventually disposed of. Although this isn't our fault personally, it still shows that we "deserve" to die.
    The curse of sin is that no human has had the ability to buy themselves, let alone anybody else out of this dark pit, and guaranteed path...At least not until the Messiah, Christ came. He was promised to come, as spoken of in Genesis 3:15, as a seed that would crush the serpent's head. His blood was that of a sinless man.
    Because he died, he was before God able to get his body back, so he could once again have a human life here on earth. Yet, he offered his life as a sacrifice on behalf of all mankind, that in the same way that Adam brought death to all humans, Jesus brought life.
    So this now means that we have been "bought" by Christ. This also means that as we have been bought, we need to be obedient to his teachings (1John 5:3), as we've been forewarned that not everyone will be saved. At the same time though, one of the commands of Christ was to "love your enemy", and this means that no longer should we be involved in warfare, nor violent sports or activities of the such.
    Hence, nobody now has the right to exercise judgment of death on another human being, but only God. Still, some will deserve to die. I hope I'm not one of them.
    At this present time, even ones bought by Christ still face death until this issue that occurred in the Garden of Eden is finalised. If I have to die in this system, as is deemed "normal" in today's society, I hope to be remembered by my creator and resurrected. I hope you do too:)
    Here is a link explaining it a little better:

  • Cyka my bluka

    You see the thing is about murderers dying is that they shouldnt they are just trying to unlock achievements like we have all done this in our time because its really fun like ive got the one for killing 60 peopl- shite the heard me run run *knock on the door* fuck thats the police what are we gonna do

  • Murder is a premeditated action, a clear decision to take life.

    Once a murder has been determined, the act of taking a life should initiate a forfeit of one's own. Logically speaking, it is a failure to recognize the miracle of life because moral judgment is despised. A murderer forfeit's their own ''life'' through the act of ''killing'' another person, it is therefore a ''personal judgment against oneself'' displayed within the taking of a life other than your own, justice met and served by the very hands of a murderer, irreversible, and clear

  • Yeah. Definitely. Absolutely.

    I'm just gonna keep it simple, people that live to destroy others for their own benefit don't deserve life. People that say no are just naive and expect the best out of people. "Everyone's good in their own way." Bullshit. Everyone's BAD in their own way. Being human doesn't mean you automatically deserve to live.

  • When they stand there laughing as your having a heart attack

    If a so cald "dear Freind" 20 years later drugs you and you wake up in a dark room and you here there voice about 3 feet from you saying they hate you and we're waiting for you to die shoving 10 dolls eyes down your throat in hopes of killing you (dolls eyes are among the deadliest plants on earth) it takes15 berries to kill your was lucky she didn't have enough so did she not deserve to die

  • Yes of course...

    I deserve to die...So yes of course. I get emotionally and physically abused, i have mental problems, i have problems staying conscious, and my parents think im a disgrace, as well as multiple other people in this society. If this happens to me clearly i need to die. Ima gonna go kill myself now

  • Yes, but it's near impossible to determine it for every case

    I truly believe that some people deserve to die. The three Japanese boys who tortured and maimed a young schoolgirl to death for months. Unrepentant holocaust supporters. Nanking massacre perpetrators. Serial killers with no hope of remorse. However, we can't judge every single case with complete accuracy, as i believe that this would ultimately be impractical to carry out and inhumane towards the majority of criminals who don't deserve to die. Therefore, I don't think the death penalty or extra-judicial killings would work. However, this doesn't change my views about some people actually deserving to die.

  • Yep! Without a doubt!

    Some things that people do are just so worthy of death. Like someone on the NO side, I too am 15 years old, but, as said before, I believe some things are worth death. Just a few examples, to name them; murder (but not manslaughter), rape (for BOTH genders, vice-versa), paedophilia, terrorism (of ANY religion or belief, not just Islam for all you paranoid-nuts out there), and...Acts of war. I think if the death sentence, is given, the death should be made as painful as possible, but if the sentencee wants death, keep them locked up for the rest of their life.

    My God, my friend is right...I do make everything depressing...

  • Evil People Are Not Human

    Saddam Hussein. Adolf Hitler. Fidel Castro. Jeffrey Dahmer. Osama bin Laden. These people are not human; they are evil. The world is a better place without them. There is no doubt they committed the crimes that they were accused of. There is no reason that resources should be wasted keeping these despicable people alive. The people they killed did not deserve to die, but they do.

  • Yes, they can

    Especially if you commit genocide, or destroyed(not killed) other people's lives. THat is when people deserve to die. Just look at hitler. Sometimes even more deaths can be prevented if you kill someone, like hitler. If an assassination on hitler or stalin was successful, the death toll of innocent people could have been decreased a lot. They would not have ended the lives of millions of innocent people.

  • No other human is qualified to take another humans' life

    I believe that criminals who do unthinkable crimes such as murder should be punished. They just shouldn't be murdered at the hands of another human. For someone who opposes this theory, what case do you have for the person who killed the criminal? He too is now a murderer. Let the higher being deal with it. Its not another humans call on who should die.

  • Nobody Deserves To Die

    I do not think that anyone deserves to die. Life is too short and you only get one. Sure, there are a lot of people who do disgusting and inhumane things, but I think they should be punished or their actions instead of killed. You can never really deserve to die because there is nothing someone can do to deserve losing their life.

  • There is no absolute in this mundanity, ethics are a lie.

    Nobody can truly deserve to die, just as nobody can truly deserve to be honored.

    To some, killing a criminal is just. To others, it isnt. This very debate is proof of that.

    What matters is, does the person themself think they should die? It's their own moral compass that decides their innocence or guilt. Not anyone else's.

    If so, they feel remorse for whatever it is they may have done. If not, they're clearly insane.

    Would you in your right mind go out and remorselessly do whatever it was you thought to be "deserving" of death?

    I highly doubt that. And crazy though they may be, remember we are still dealing with human beings. The same species as you or i.

    The purpose of criminal justice, is to prevent people from repeat offending. Not to punish what they've already done, because that's not justice. That's vengeance. They'd call it a criminal vengeance system otherwise.

    If you want to rename the system that to reflect that the entire system is evil, fine by me. I just dont want these g-men receiving honorable mentions for ruining the lives of other humans on a daily basis.

    If you don't, i suggest you start working on an alternate method of rehabilitating every offender there is, so they can safely return to our society one day and pay their dues.

    For every life you destroy, you must spend the rest of your own saving lives of that demographic from the fate in question to atone for.

    That is my personal philosophy. Belief or disbelief rests with you.

    A system that does not serve everyone, in the end serves no-one, for the unserved few will always find a way to continue to make the otherwise served many share some of the suffering they've put up with for ages..

    That is the maxim of us peaceful anarchists.

    It's the system's fault as much as it is the few's fault that the many suffer. We made people who they are. It's up to us to make it right.

  • No one has the right to enforce death onto another human being

    We are all fallible. We all make mistakes. No one has the right to choose whether another person dies. If somebody commits the crime of murder, then somebody else orders that person to death, is that not also murder? In some cultures murder is on the lower end of the scale of "sins" and not worthy of even a glance. Balance is required in all things and an "eye for an eye" is not right.

  • No, never, however...

    I still think a person can 'deserve' to kill someone. It doesn't necessarily mean that someone deserves to die, though. A persons life may be so badly affected by someone they may deserve the satisfaction and the SENSE of justice (justice is overall a stupid concept, however) - but them having a death sentence and being killed by someone unrelated would still be wrong.

    In self-defense, a person deserves to kill someone. But that person doesn't necessarily 'deserve' to die. I don't think anyone suddenly 'deserves' something done to them when they do something to someone else, but one can deserve to punish for something specifically done to them.

    In no case should someone be killed for murdering a person, unless the person doing the killing is a family member of the murder victim (if they can honestly bring themselves to do it, then the impact must obviously justify their desire to inflict the punishment). If there are no relatives, there's no one who really deserves that sense of 'justice'.

  • Would you commit suicide?

    We are all each other. I am you and you are I. Now this seems like a complex philosophical statement but in all truth it is quite simple. We are all apart of a grand universe intertwined and working towards one true goal. Life. The purpose of life is to live and we are all working towards that common goal together. Every interaction we make every action we take has a set consequence. And the consequence grows to be something greater and effects more people than we could possibly imagine. So all these consequences together make up what we do, how we do it, and why we do it. To take the life of another person is destroy hundreds of thousands of millions of consequences that person might have taken. In thus sense killing one person is equal to killing an unimaginable number of people. And no matter how much you deny it, it effects you ever single day. Whatever wrong a person has done, whatever catastrophic destruction that person has caused, it all has purposeful meaning in it when it comes to the grand scheme of things. So to take another persons life you are unknowingly committing moral suicide and harming your own self. Whether you are the one to take there life physically or be apart of causing such action to take place. So in simple context if you were to say someone does not deserve to live than you are saying no one deserves to live. Life no matter how dark or cruel should be embraced for the potential it contains to change and do good. We should believe that all people are good and be good to all people. I am only 15 years old yet I know that no one deserves to die.

  • No they dont

    They dont need to die no matter what they did but you can just let them thiink about what they did in prison. They dont deserve to die from needles or hanged or decapitation or anything else. People have rights no like the old age when you just hang the person.

  • Yes and No

    The question is a bit presumptuous. Just because someone deserves to die does not automatically mean they must be killed. There are dangerously sick people among us who have done such horrible crimes that they deserve not just to be simply killed, but given painful and torturous deaths. Exactly the kind of deaths they meted out to their victims. The details of many horrible crimes, like the Chesire (CT) home invasion, can make anyones blood boil with rage. An execution would be too kind a penalty and pales in comparison to what the sick criminals did. An appropriate penalty for such a crime would be to burn them alive in a public square. That would also send a strong message to would-be criminals. But why don't we do that? It would be a just and effective penalty for that crime. Are we being sympathetic to the criminal by not publically burning him? No we are not. He deserves it but we still wont do it because it would reflect on us as a society. Eliminating the death penalty is not about being sympathetic to the criminal, its about us.
    So YES, there are people who deserve to die, but NO that does not automatically mean that we kill them. Its an archaic punishnent that should go the way of public hangings and firing squads.!

  • No, who are we to decide who gets to live or not.

    Sure, there are people who have done unforgivable things like murder right, but if you go ahead and decide to end that persons life yourself then you have degraded yourself to the same level as that murderer. People deserve to be punished severely to learn from their mistakes, perhaps they may come to their senses.

  • An imperfect being reserves no right to kill.

    From a secular standpoint, humanity is invariably flawed. To take one's life on the opinion of another, regardless of consensus, is a crime parallel to murder, as there is no empirical morality to back it up. Such is akin to burning a man for witchcraft on a simple eyewitness account.

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MasturDbtor says2013-03-20T21:10:20.047
What does "deserve" actually mean? What does it mean to deserve something? How can we prove that objectively?
PlumberGirl123 says2014-06-16T22:51:50.800
Certainly. A lot of people deserve to die. Big rapists, murderers, and highly violent people...Spouse beaters. The 2 males who destroyed the boston marathon, they deserve to die, but not that easily.. If a rapist rapes 5 girls they should die. If a serial murderer kills more than 5 people, they should die. We shouldnt waste our money to keep these villians locked up. Just kill them, but not easily, and then they will die and we wont have to pay to feed them and keep them in jail. We waste so much money on their worthless lives its disgusting!