Can someone have a certain right taken away from them if they abuse that right to a great extent?

  • Keyword is Abuse

    The abuse of rights may as well be the equivalent for having no rights at all. Technically, everybody always deserves to have rights no matter what, but a person abusing their rights cannot live cohesively in a society that grants everybody rights unless a certain level of respect and understanding comes along with those rights.

  • A vice of freedom.

    ^^ That right could be taken away by the people themselves. You have the freedom to risk your life, and sometimes we lose the bet.

    I know what ya meant though.

    Looking at the extremes generally does help. Yes, a person popping gum can lose their right to life via two warning shots into the head (Chicago ref. ^^) Is it moral? No, but that right was nonetheless taken away.

    We could look at it as George Carlin did. None of us have rights. We have privileges. Or.... We all have rights. Like you have the right to disagree, shoot the me, and walk away. (Please don't shoot the me)

  • This is what penalty is about

    Everyone nowadays is free. If they abuse their freedom, it will be taken away from them. Most of people are employed and have right to receive salary, but if they abuse their employment, that right to receive salary and come to that particular job will be taken away. People generally have right to move to another country and live there, but abusing laws will result in deportation. In the same time, any particular right can't be taken away on the global level

  • This is the Death Penalty simply put, after all.

    The Death Penalty, which I support, is, in effect, the state taking away the right to live for one person because they abused that right by committing a grave crime. The right to bear arms being taken away for certain criminals is another example, as is bans on Holocaust Denial in most of the world.

  • It's too subjective.

    If something is a right, how can it be abused? If it can be, then perhaps we should consider whether it should be a right at all, ensuring our principles are consistent and not just based on the degree at which some will accept them. Freedom of speech is a right that can be used unwisely, but never taken away. You can't use it to threaten someone's life, but that is not considered a right. Owning guns in America is a right, but many of the known ways in which they may be abused are already illegal, it's not a right to use guns in a number of ways. I don't believe a true right can ever be abused, except on a social level which is subjective to the individual.

  • No matter what you do, or what you've done, there is always a limit. Rehabilitation is key!

    I feel like that people who have committed a grave or serious crime should only be executed if there's a safe reason. If for some reason the only way more lives won't be destroyed, ruined, or even taken from at the hands of the offender is execution then I find that fair enough.

    Rehabilitation is key, it takes time and power. And you know what, if you look at just about any prison in a Scandinavian Country and then check the crime rate or continued crimes of previous offenders, then you should know that if there's a way to better the person, rather than being an eye for an eye, then I feel like they could be taken away of the rights that will only keep them from committing another crime.....

    Once rehabilitated, then slowly give privileges back to those who deserve it. Repeat offenders still should be given a chance, but they should be monitored and taken away of their rights more or less.

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