Can someone prove that climate change is real (yes) or fake (no)?

Asked by: Marshall-Abarca
  • Yes it is real and there is countless evidence of it

    The world is shouting to our ears about the climate alteration humans are causing. The evidence of changing climate and a accelerating pace to mayhem is evident. First of all the thermometers around the globe have a average temperature reading, this reading is going up to unprecedented levels since measuring stated back in the 1880. Also levels of CO2 are measured since 1958 and they are consistently going up. From the ice containing air from other ages it has been concluded that CO2 levels are the highest in 600 thousand years. From fossil records scientists have concluded that probably humans played a important role in the extinction of all big vertebrate animals around the globe (i.E. Mammoths, bisons etc. ). People that don't believe in CO2 warming effect, have to stop believing things and start looking, Venus a very similar planet to earth, has a very high concentration of CO2 and in consequence it has a temperature of over 400 C.

    All of these is no mumble jumble they are plain facts and figures, all pointing to disaster if we don't change our behavior. Please people wake up!

  • Yes it is real

    There are tons of evidence to support the claim that global climate change is not only real but is already irreversable. I don't know how peope are still questioning it but if you just google global climate change you will see in what a position we are. And we are in a VERY bad position from the veiw of humanity but i am sure most of people in developed countires will be fine for next 40-50 years and by then our governments will finally realize the threat of global warming and will do something about it even thought it will be much too late to save most of the places we love so much. Here is a link to one of the most trusted sources about climate change in the world. Http://climate.Nasa.Gov/ Next time just google "climate change" and read and read and read.

  • It's totally real

    There are so many reasons why climate change is real. First of all, you can see it! They people that think that it's false, they are crazy! All I know is that the data is not fake at all. Climate change has to be solved imidiatly! We can all die if we don't get this solved!

  • It is not fake!

    A few years ago the moose population in Minnesota dropped rapidly and they immediately blamed global warming, then they did a study and found out it was actually wolves that were killing the moose. Wolves have been taken off the endangered species list and are now endangering other species so they opened a wolf hunting season in Minnesota and the moose are coming back. It turns out it had nothing to do with global warming in fact the years when the moose population declined were some very cold ones.

  • It is real if not then why is this happening?

    C02 has always been in the Earths atmosphere and the Earth has always been heating up and cooling down however this year and last year suddenly the speed of the Earth heating is going faster than ever and is heating at higher temperatures. Even if us humans are not producing much C02 which some of you believe, if we reduce human C02 it'll still help. Also some of you are saying there's so much ice in the Arctic. However small islands are starting to flood due to ice melting.

  • It is not fake!

    A few years ago the moose population in Minnesota dropped rapidly and they immediately blamed global warming, then they did a study and found out it was actually wolves that were killing the moose. Wolves have been taken off the endangered species list and are now endangering other species so they opened a wolf hunting season in Minnesota and the moose are coming back. It turns out it had nothing to do with global warming in fact the years when the moose population declined were some very cold ones.

  • Evidence is available

    There are data showing the Earth's average temperature for each year until the current year showing a sudden rise of the average temperature, for example, 1920-1940 there was sudden rise however after 1920 there was a decrease in the temperature but in 1940 it has risen ever since till the day. This time period is always referred to the industrial revolution which was the building of factories and homes and companies and many other things which of course needed the usage of burning fossil fuels poisoning the air which is one factor of global warming. This is only one example but it shows that global warming is real because there has been increase of temp because of the carbon dioxide which is what we call global warming. We can use ice glaciers for example how did they suddenly meet so dramatically they will obviously melt slightly but not this dramatically. The reason po many people are being fooled into the thought of global warming being fake is because at first the us government was promoting to help stop global warming but now that the oil factories saw a sudden drop cause the government was reaching this they sold the companies to the government and no so obviously in order for the government to carry on the bussines successfully they need to ban the thought of global warming

  • Why CO2 appears after the temperature rises when an ice age ends

    Start with a warm interglacial climate like today's, but without anthropogenic CO2 input. Phytoplankton slowly but steadily draw down atmospheric CO2, die, increase organic carbon in sediments, and thence methane clathrates. The gradual loss of atmospheric CO2 cools the climate, with (as the models show) major effect in the arctic zones. Milankovitch willing, land ice accumulates, sea level drops, but exposed Arctic-basin sediments are cold enough to preserve the methane ice. The process continues until sea-level fall has exposed several hundred vertical meters of clathrate-rich sediments on continental shelves and slopes. This situation is thermodynamically metastable; all it needs now is a Milankovitch insolation peak to produce a warm Arctic summer, and it releases a 50-kyr accumulation of a greenhouse gas with 200 times the warming potential of CO2. This methane pulse will not be trapped in air bubbles in the ice, because methane is oxidized to CO2 in a few years, and summer temperatures at the beginning of the interglacial—as in Greenland currently—would melt winter accumulation. The metastability is continuous throughout the glaciation, and local melting might account for the sharp oscillations seen in ice-age temperature records.

  • Don't confuse memories of weather with models of climate

    We all make models of everything all the time, for no prediction and no planning is possible without them. 'The sun will rise tomorrow' is a model based on personal experience: none of us has known a day in which the sun did not rise, even if hidden behind clouds, and the model continues to work even if we attribute the rising to Apollo or Ra or YHVH or L. Ron Hubbard.
    'At Carcassonne on 2015-06-01, Venus rose at 09:32:03 at an hour angle of -58°, although she was invisible in daylight' requires a more complex model that includes the solar system, orbital mechanics, spherical trigonometry, and a map of the Earth. This model (actually Stellarium) can tell us things that our personal-experience model cannot--even if we do not understand how it does it. So too with climate, which is by far the most complicated thing we have tried to model, and we're still learning how to do it. We may have personal models of weather, but we can have no personal model of climate (defined as 30-year integration of weather) until we are over 40 and have access to detailed records (and not just selective memories of the good old days).

  • Radiation physics works

    If you believe global heating is not man made, you need to explain how to add triatomic gas to the atmosphere without also reducing the mean free path of infrared photons. If you can't do that, then you need to explain why shortening the mean free path does not raise the height of the atmosphere's 255°K radiation level. If you can't do that, then explain how you raise the radiation level without increasing the surface temperature. Here are 3 perfectly good places to show that warming is not anthropogenic: go to it!

  • Anthropogenic Global Warming Isn't the cause of the Earth's warming trend.

    There may be some data that suggests that global temperatures have risen in the past few decades, however, there are a lot of factors which contribute to the Earth's climate and many of those are out of man's control. We just experienced one of the coldest winters (2013-2014) in recent history.

  • Climate change fake

    Climate change is fake. In the past week we have had sub freezing temperatures in D.C. . How is this global warming? Plus, scientist don't have ANY proof. Sure the world can get hot... And cold. The Earth follows a path consisting of el nenos and el ninas. El ninos consisting of warm air. And el nina's consisting of cold air. El ninos are the most common of these two. So. This is my proof. The world isn't perfect, it follows a path. CLIMATE CHANGE IS FAKE. THE GPVERNMENT IS TRYING TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE IN IT SO YOU CAN SUPPORT THEM.

  • It's Imposible For this... README

    1. Record Ice

    In 2014 there was record sea ice in Antarctica in fact a global warming expedition got stuck in it. Arctic sea ice has also made a nice comeback in 2014. The Great lakes had record ice Lake Superior only had 3 ice free months in 2014. You’d think that in the hottest year ever that ice would be melting like Al Gore said.

    2. Record Snow

    2014 saw record snowfall in many areas, remember when they said that global warming would cause snow to disappear and children won’t know what snow is.

    3. Record Cold

    In 2014 we saw all kinds of cold records remember the Polar Vortex? You’d think that we’d be breaking all kinds of heat records in “the hottest year ever”

    4. Oceans Are Rising Much Less Than Predicted

    Al Gore predicted that oceans would rise 20 feet by 2100, it looks like were on track for about a foot. 80% of the tide gauges show less rise than the official “global average”. Many tide gauges show no rise in sea level, and almost none show any acceleration over the past 20 years.

    5. Polar Bears Are Thriving

    You’d think that Polar Bears would really be in trouble in 2014 “the hottest year ever” but they are thriving.

    6. Moose Are Making A Comeback

    A few years ago the moose population in Minnesota dropped rapidly and they immediately blamed global warming, then they did a study and found out it was actually wolves that were killing the moose. Wolves have been taken off the endangered species list and are now endangering other species so they opened a wolf hunting season in Minnesota and the moose are coming back. It turns out it had nothing to do with global warming in fact the years when the moose population declined were some very cold ones.

    7. 99% of Scientists don’t believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming

    You’ve probably heard over and over that 99% of scientist believe in global warming well the opposite is true. That talking point came from a study where only 75 scientists said they believe in global warming on the other hand over 31,000 scientists have signed a petition saying they don’t believe in Catastrophic Man-Made Global Warming.

    8. Nature produces much more CO2 than man

    In 2014 NASA finally launched a satellite that measures CO2 levels around the globe. They assumed that most of the CO2 would be coming from the industrialized northern hemisphere but much to their surprise it was coming from the rainforests in South America, Africa and China.

  • Climate change is a hoax.

    Ain't it funny how in the 1970s, people were freaking out about Global Cooling? After all, the Earth's temperatures were declining. Do you hear anything about that now? No. A mere 40 years later, people are freaking out about Global warming. I read a NASA article where NASA says that Global Warming is not caused by Man, but is rather caused by the sun going through cycles of heating up and cooling down (something along those lines). Do you want to listen to NASA, or do you want to listen to a Liberal Democrat Former Vice President who claims he invented the internet?

  • What a joke.. Regions of the world have cooler temperatures and others have warmer it is normal. God controls the weather.

    God created everything in the universe and man will never be able to change it. If the climate is changing which is not it is because of God.. If we want good things to happen we need to come back to God and live a Godly life. The further we move away from God the worse things will get.

  • Do the maths!

    Whether you do the calculations using specific heat capacities or whether you do them with absorption coefficients you will find that 401 ppm minus 280 ppm of CO2 does not equal 0.6 degrees centigrade of warming. Therefore global warming cannot be due to CO2. Ask any engineer or academic who is not a climate scientist!

  • It is fake

    Why i believe it's fake is because there is no convincing evidence it exist I'm sorry but there really isn't. I mean just a few decades ago people thought global cooling and that we were cause it and now it global warming. Also temperatures have flattened out for 15 years, and the pacific ocean is cooling, the antarctic is at a record high in ice. Therefore we are not causing it.

  • Complete Proof ... Unlikely?

    Though there is plenty of evidence in support of Global Warming, Climate Change etc. It would be extremely hard to make a conclusive proof of the existence of Climate Change. One point is that what exactly defines Climate Change, and can we intrinsically prove that the root of this is completely down to human interference. Though there is a lot of evidence for rising sea levels, receding glaciers or increasing Carbon Dioxide levels, this is often not done in full experiments around the world, normally, it is either confined, selective or just not big enough. Therefore though I believe that Climate Change could be an extremely real threat in a few years it would be next to impossible for someone to prove it's existence and link with humans

  • Claiming we have more influence in climate than the sun is nonsense.

    The sun activity is increasing, and it just happens to match with our climate change. We are not causing it, and claiming we have more power over a planet temperature than say, a huge mass of flaming gas at 15.000.000º C in the center of our solar system, is sheer ignorance.
    There is also the fact that this kind of ignorance can be (and is being) exploited for profit. If you get a bunch of ignorant people, tell them the planet will overheat, show them a pretty graph with a line starting low and suddenly going all the way up and spice it up with lots of complicated words and "proof" that you are telling them the truth, along with scaring them with a well placed "we are going to die", and then claim you can stop this from happening with just a little money, what do you think they will do?
    Will they take the risk or start "donating" to your cause, thinking you can save them?

    There are studies, real ones, proving that the planet will not overheat, that this is not irreversible and never will be, and that we are not causing it, the sun is.

    Posted by: Rafe
  • Climate change is an obvious hoax

    If climate change were real, Why did Al Gore buy a beachfront mansion? Why is Leonardo Dicaprio flying in private jets? These people are laughing at you and taking your money and votes. The climate scam is atheists' pathetic attempt to fill the void in their souls caused by rejecting the true God. It's sad.

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