• Yes, in God's world.

    Yes, space can exist without time, because with God, all things are possible. To God, time and space are not the same things. Our human minds are what can only comprehend time. God works in the ways that he wants to, and if he wants time to be something other than linear, it will be.

  • Yes, but time can not exist without space.

    Time is a measurement of active matter. If there was no space, then matter could not be active. If all matter was eternally a singularity and there was no space for it to move into, we would not be living in this universe. The greater question would be, can all matter be an inactive singularity?

  • I think theoretically, yes.

    Whether you believe time is an actual dimension where events occur in sequence, or you believe it's a way for humans to sequence and compare events, and not an actual existing dimension that an object or event can travel through, it is still just a measurement of the events that take place within any given space, and in no way tied to the physical dimension of space which contains objects measurable by distance or mass.
    A take a photograph of a family in a room with a clock on the wall in the background for example. Now a clock is an object used to represent time by showing the current, logging the past, and displaying the future, but as you can see in the photograph, the clock is not moving. This is because time no longer exists within the photograph, even though the photograph displays a past moment in time. Now just because time itself does not exist within the photo, space is still present, as you can still measure out the physical distance (space) between any two objects in the photo. There for concluding that space can exist without time.

  • i say yes

    It can because space does not need time be there. Space is an open area that nobody can control with time. Time does not decide everything that happens in life. Space exists without time. You can always see space even tho time is their it doesn't have to be their for us to see it.

  • Space without time exists in the laboratory.

    Quantum tunnelling involves waves (or particles) existing in a timeless state as they cross a barrier. The distances over which the timeless state exists can be quite large, up to around a metre with pulses of microwaves. This was first explored by Professor Gunter Nimtz and colleagues at the university of Cologne and has been tested in many other labs. Since the speeds involved exceed that of light, being essentially infinite, the results caused consternation and bitter debate in the physics community. More interesting than the debate about the challenge to relativity is the fact that these experiments create a timeless zone: a space without time. Entering the zone, the wave functions of photons freeze. A book by Nimtz called Zero Time Space is available in paperback. The idea is not actually new. Theologians proposed space without time centuries ago: they call it Eternity (rather different from the common usage of the word). A recent e-book on Amazon describes the implications of space without time. It is in the Science & Religion section of Kindle books, and the title is "Eternity: God, Soul, New Physics."

  • Well its a odd question but yes if time just diapered

    It it one of two things
    1. Nothing moves no more planet if you kiss some one at the moment time stop existing it would lass forever i guess or never last at all i guess

    2. Everything would exist at once. Age would mean nothing you would be dead and alive. You would exist in every second at once you could see everything but nothing you would 4d i guess. But wait if there is no time then i guess you could see everything like 6d or 7d 0-0 you could see every possible future every possible past i guess you would exist and not exist at the same time. You could see everything i mean everything 0-0 i guess this is how god feels

    but for space to exist time had to so at some point so for this to happen time would have just vanish

  • Cant observe what we cant understand

    Time is the measurement for the movement of space. This is why they call it spacetime. However if all movement stopped(or never started) space would exist, but no concept of time would be needed and there for not exist. Most people would say both started at the Big Bang. But since the theory of the Big Bang started no one can state a valid why that it happened. Since we exist where all matter moves(even standing still the universe rotates) we have no basis for time not to exist. In order to prove or disprove you would have to observe from a place without time or space. Some religions state there is such a place, but once you get there you cant get back. My personal opinion is when I meet God I will ask. Until then we will strive to understand what is impossible for us to observe.

  • Yes, it can

    To put it simply, yes, but that is simply a void, so no, but yes, but life itself will not exist, it still will last eh same time, and if we put God into this, then he was the beginning of the illusion, and he further put more life so that way nothing has no meaning, so basically, everything either doesn't actually exist, or everything is meaningless perfection, so no one beat the self up for feeling meaningless because your are not, you give existence meaning.

  • Yes, space can exist without

    Technically speaking, you will always have space. The universe is reasonably infinite, but the matter within it is not. If you were to remove all matter from the universe, you would still have space, as well as time, it's just that they would both be concepts then. Space does not require time, as time only indicates change, but you would then have no change in the space.

  • Everything is Perception

    Our entire reality is made of what we choose to believe as factual. My question for you is could time exist without life? If not, could space exist without life? No, for space is also merely a perception. Now could the universe run according to our current laws of physics without us? Yes. Would it have a concept of space and time. No. Humans and many life forms invented their own concepts of time in order to predict the the relative positions of objects in the future. Now if we had no concept of time, but could look around and gauge the distance of all objects around us we could still have a concept of space, but would be unable to predict how the space is relevant. In other words, if we had no concept of time, we would be very simple lifeforms most likely finding food in a 2 dimensional view, but all existence would still go about its business as normal.

  • Only for exactly zero seconds

    Previous comments concentrated only on how general relativity handles spacetime tieing space and time into one concept. Which leaves room for a theory of quantum gravity to allow it somehow...
    It is however also purely logically impossible for space to exist without time. If a part of space were to start existing without time for whatever reason, it can only do so for exactly zero seconds, as there is no time, and then it would have to either vanish or coexist with time again. As an event that fills no time at all isn't physically happening or observable, it doesn't exist.
    Thus: No - space can never exist without time.

  • No space without time

    There can be no space without time. Time and space are intertwined. They exist because each other exists. No one really knows which came first, space or time. It is a popular theory that they were created from the Big Bang explosion in the cosmos. Even inter-dimensions are bound by regulations of time, I would assume.

  • Space can not exist without time.

    Theologically, space IS time, and time is space. You think about the old adage, what came first, the chicken or the egg. Or, when did God into existence. Plato described space as things that come to be, whereas time is the motion of the heavens. Without the other, they can not exist.

  • Technically, no it cannot.

    The scientific concept of space-time intrinsically ties the two together. Without the quantifying passage of time, one could not calculate space as it removes a necessary 'depth' from the calculation. However, from a philosophical stand point, the only thing that creates time is perception. Should someone be able to overcome the limitation on that perception, somehow, they would be to traverse great distances instantly. Even in this rather sci-fi scenario, space-time is folded to a null point, cancelling both for the duration of the movement.

  • not in the observable universe

    Space and time have been observed as being intertwined, meaning one affects the other. The general theory of relativity has shown that forces, such as gravity, affect the flow of time. This is why time progresses slower in space than it does on Earth. Is it theoretically possible? I don't think so.

  • No separation, Space and time

    Say I am to observe Point A in space, Now I want as observer to view Point B, Well point A was observation pass tense. Can you observe both at same time (by sentence structure no), And if you could view both at same then it’s same place, Just one point. If I want to just observe time, In what space can I do that? It takes change to observe time, No change no time, Whatever you observed just is. I think this is why in India there is only one word for space and same word for time.

  • Time separation theory

    First, Lemme start off by saying this. The word nothing should not be a word. By definition, Nothing is the absence of anything, No single thing. But if you take that definition and apply it to the word nothing, It makes no sense meaning that the word nothing by definition shouldn't exist.

    Now the universe is infinitely expanding, Therefore, Must have infinite time. But if we could go back in time and go a fraction of a second to before the big bang occurred what would be there? . . . Nothing. This means that the real definition of nothing should be "something". And because that definition is unspecified, It could theoretically be anything and everything. So just before our current universe ended, I believe that the previous one had ended.

  • Time and space are equal

    No space no time. Time and space are infinite. We came from infinity which in essence is absolute now. You can not measure space or time without existence. Think about it before you were born you existed in infinity or a state of absolute now. The next thing you knew you born in some year in time and space. When you take a closer look at time, it is a measure of space. For example it takes time to go from point A to point B. You can also say it takes a measure of space to go to point A to point B Time. If you could be everywhere at once time would not exist for you. That's how it was before we came into existence. The faster you go time slows down for you because you are covering more space. If you were so tall that your left foot was in LA and your right foot was in NY You would have roughly 2800 miles covered in one now. If our bodies represented all space and time it would always be now. Think about it. It is now right now isn't it? It is always now for us. Time and space are infinitely external

  • No.It can't exist without time.

    Both space and time need each other.Space needs time to exist, and time needs space to flow.Space and time are intertwined and co-exist.Those who say that it can need to tell me then exactly how did time flow before the Big Bang since space didn't exist then.For that reason they both need each other.

  • Time is flowing

    We don't know what time is we just measure it. How can you ask of this if you live in a world governed by time? But again, we live on a planet in a galaxy in a cluster of galaxies in a universe and maybe... More dimensions. Since mass is related to time and space mass cannot exist without time because: you need to measure it -- you need time; you need to go from point a to point b -- you need time to travel into space; basically anywhere in the infinite numbers of universes where matter exists there must be time, otherwise how can the particles interact with each-other? What sort of universe would that be? A pretty boring one and impossible at that.

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