Can speed reading courses help (yes) or hinder (no) a student's overall education?

  • It definitely helps

    First speed reading is not for everyone. There are some people that won't be able to do it and they should not be punished for that. However if you can learn and apply speed reading it is going to seriously help you long term. If you can do something effectively faster than other people than you are at an advantage.

  • Yes, speed reading can help a students education.

    Speed reading can greatly improve a students ability to read and comprehend the material that they are reading. This will help them to study smarter and also increase their ability to get better grades by completing and understanding assignments better. This will make them an overall better student long term.

  • Speed Reading Improves Basic Comprehension

    Speed reading gives students an overall gist of the reading material. Although several details might be missed, speed reading teaches students to focus on key words that get the main message. An entire book can be read in a few hours as opposed to days. Speed reading may not help with rote memorization, but it can speed up reading materials so kids can get more done.

  • Speed reading courses would potentially help a student's overall education.

    Speed reading courses would potentially help a student's overall education. Anything that gives students an advantage in life should be considered. Speed reading seems to have some positive effects and makes comprehending material easier. I wish speed reading was taught when I was in school because I spent a lot of hours with my nose buried in a book.

  • Speed Reading Courses Not Good for Students

    While speed reading is a valuable skill, not all students can get the hang of this act. Therefore, speed reading courses would hinder a student's overall education more often than not. A student that can't get this trick down would wind up hurting their ability to read and comprehend materials.

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