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  • Believe it or not not everyone can go to a game

    They watch it on the TV or listen to the radio. Commercials pay millions of dollars to have commercials during halftime and during the Superbowl.
    If you cut the media and just rely on revenue from the seats and food you will lose money.
    Sport rely on the media for a hefty amount of revenue.

  • Influence of media on sport

    There will be no doubt that Media plays a very important role in the growth of sports. All types of sport activities require marketing, Fund, And audience to run successfully. Sports such as Soccer, Cricket etc are played by multiple players. In order to pay and look after those players, Administration need to arrange fund, Which can be either received by Govt grant or by financiers. Media can play a vital role to do free marketing for the sports. The media market can help sports many ways, It can help them to attract audience, Can help them to manage money by its on to flourish independently. Any sports is not known or limited to certain area, Media can help these sort of sports to show among wider platform.

    Using media, All sports can attract better sports person around the country.

    In the conclusion, Media is very important role for development a sport and help it arrange capital, Which can be used for it's future growth. Without media, It will be difficult but not impossible for a sport to survive, As it has to rely on limited resources available.

    NB: I am not a good writer, But trying to be better. Thanks

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