Can Steve Kerr be an effective coach for the Warriors after being away from the court so long?

  • Don't Doubt Kerr

    Dedication to a sport impacts one's soul. This is the case with Steve Kerr. His absence doesn't erase his past experience. His dedication to basketball has been lifelong. He has multiple NBA championships under his belt. Those sorts of experiences don't just go away. He is a positive resource for the Warriors to employ.

  • Why Not Give Him Chance.

    He does have past experience in Basketball. Also, we will never know without actually giving him a chance to do the job. Who knows he could actually be a huge asset to the team. Only time will tell, I think that anyone should be given a chance to prove themselves before we start passing judgment.

  • Steve Kerr can be effective

    Steve Kerr has been actively involved in the game since his last coaching job. I feel he can and will be effective with the Golden State Warriors. He has had championship experience as a player and a coach. I expect him to be a playoff coach once this team rebuilds.

  • Yes, Steve Kerr can be an effective coach due to his intelligience and experience.

    Yes, Steve Kerr can be an effective coach even though he has been away from the court for so long because a break from the court does not mean that he has lost any of his intelligence and game experience. In fact time away from the court might have helped him understand how to become a better coach as he has had opportunities to witness how other coaches in the NBA are effective in managing their teams, thus Steve Kerr can be an effective coach for the Warriors.

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