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  • Not really easy

    No because different students respond different and engage in their classes in different mannerisms. Some are more visual, while other students are more hands on type of students and then you have those that are more of a listening type. So really you can't really measure this accurately because everyone learns differently.

  • Student engagement can not be measured.

    I believe that student engagement can not be accurately measures. Most feel that if a student listens in class, completes their assignments, and participates they are engaged with the class. This is not entirely true. Students perform tasks to get the grades they need or want. They don't always do these things because the class engages them.

  • No, student engagement cannot be accurately measured.

    It is impossible to tell how engaged a person truly is. Some students are very good at multitasking and it may appear they are no engaged, but truly are. While other students are trying very hard to remain engaged, but due to distractions or other reasons they are unable to stay engaged.

  • No, student engagement cannot be accurately measured.

    I do not think that student engagement can be something that can truly be measured. I think that every student is different and learns and participates at their own pace. I think it is important to understand that it is more important that they are taught what they need to learn instead of being judged.

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