• Yes it can, But it isn't straight forward

    I feel suicide can be prevented, But not all the time. Sometimes the signs are subtle and aren't always picked up on. My best friend committed suicide. I think of things had of been different, It could have been prevented. If he'd have been more transparent, If we' have put the pieces together better. It just sucks having to go around every day asking yourself what you would do differently if you had the chance to go back; even if that meant pinning him down that night so he couldn't do it

  • Suicide can be prevented, But it is complicated.

    Suicide is a complicated thing, But me, My aunt and a couple of my friends are living proof that it can be prevented.
    A couple days after my seventeenth birthday I went into the bathroom with a razor blade, Not intending to come out, But I ended up changing my mind. A huge factor that caused me to reconsider was thinking about how devastated I would be if one of my friends or family members killed themselves.
    I have come a long way and I am on anti-depressants now, And they help a lot but they don't just magically make me happy. Fighting depression and suicidal feelings is exhausting, And that is a huge reason why people end up giving into self-harm.
    I think the best, And probably only, Way to prevent a suicidal person from ending his or her life is to establish a trust-based face-to-face human interaction.
    It can be really hard to get someone who doesn't trust themselves to trust another person, But the most important thing is to remember that a suicidal person is scared, And not to scare them any more.
    Another important thing is to always be open to talk to someone about suicidal feelings, And if you have suicidal feelings to talk to someone about it no matter how awkward or scary it seems. With my experience with depression I will always be open to talking to anyone about suicide, Because there is no ay of knowing when I could save a life.

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