• systems be corrupt

    Systems can be corrupt. People are not honest and can slide through the cracks and do things to others that are dishonest and not proper. You would hope that when creating a system that it would not be this way but I think at this point in time it is.

  • Systems can be very corrupt

    I live in Chicago. In this city our political system is vey corrupt. Many of our local councilman are serving sentences in jail. In Illinois, my home state, two of the last three governors has done time in federal facilities. The only check against a corrupt system is the vigilance of the population.

  • Of Course They Can

    I believe systems can be corrupt. A system is defined as a set of connected things or parts that make a whole. This is a pretty broad definition and it can include a lot of different things. Governments are systems, we have plenty of evidence that shows governments can be corrupt. Therefore a system can be corrupt.

  • Power corrupts absolutely.

    Yes, systems can be corrupt, because systems are run by people. People will always try to gain an advantage for themselves. People are corrupt, and they make decisions politically, only looking out for their own personal interests. In this way, systems will always be corrupt, because they will always be run by people.

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