• Target killings are good sometimes

    I think targeted killings should only be used in very rare cases. We should only use targeted killing for people who are responsible for endangers the general population or will effect national security and the well being of our citizens. This should only be a last resort and peaceful means like capture should be used first.

  • Yes, I think some are justified.

    I am pretty much against killing, yet I believe there are times when targeted killings are justifiable. When there is an individual who is a serious threat, or causing harm to a large number of people, then I think a targeted killing would be justified. When it comes to drug rings and terrorists, if there was incontrovertible proof, then I would say the killings would be justified.

  • Yes, targeted killings can be justified.

    I truly believe that some targeted killings can be justified. I think that some of the targeted killings the United States government partakes in are just and beneficial for the safety of America. I think that such things should always be carefully debated and thought of though since killing is a serious issue.

  • To target someone is to sin.

    Targeted killings can never be justified. This is because it is a sin and people should not try to harm their neighbor. Killing in self-defense is different because it is an in-the-action necessary response to a threat. A targeted killing is more about just trying to do others harm out of spite.

  • Not In The Long Run

    I honestly don't believe targeted killing can be justified. This is more than likely to happen during a war or when a government is targeting specific individuals. These entities may be able to justify killing people, but in my opinion, you simply can't do that. While these type of things may seem necessary, I believe there is also an alternative.

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