Can teachers help students become more efficient and intelligent rather than ''just'' doing their job?

Asked by: Hizkil
  • Yes, if they are dedicated.

    Yes, a teacher who is dedicated and enthusiastic can help a student become more efficient and intelligent, rather than just doing their job. It is best if a teacher can inspire a student to learn for life, as well as to teach them how to learn. This is more important than the teacher just teaching a little bit of their own subject.

  • Teachers can help students obtain lifelong skills and to become more intelligent.

    Once upon a time, a teacher's "job" was to assist students in becoming more efficient and intelligent. Unfortunately, teachers have been reduced to trainers charged with teaching children how to take standardized tests rather than actually charging them with learning knew information. When given the opportunity, however, teachers can utilize their skills to teach students lifelong skills, such as how to work efficiently and they can help improve students' knowledge base.

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