Can technology exacerbate mental health problems?

  • The worse the addiction, the worse you are more like becoming mentally unstable :/

    Mental illness can be triggered by technology in many ways weather you want to believe it or not. Either it can be online bullying that has just got to you, too much of looking at the screen, or just the obssessive addiction to the games. Therfore, many of these can trigger a mental illness if you are already either depressed or unstable.

  • Sure, probably addiction related issues.

    In most cases using computers and interacting with video games sharpens the senses, but some people like gamblers or people who are easily addicted to things could find that technology inflames their issues. Take the couple who forgot to feed their children because they were too wrapped up playing World of Warcraft for instance.

  • Technology

    Yes, I think technology can exacerbate mental health problems in people who have mental illness. All the advancements in technology with guns, computers, video games, etc. can cause an unstable person to go crazy and commit crimes and cause other problems in society like what happened in Newtown, CT just recently.

  • Yes but it can also help

    For some people, technology can create problems that wouldn't already exist. There are addictions to things like forums and internet pornography. These are real addictions and not just excuses for less than desirable behavior. However, technology has also helped countless people with social disorders like autism. Children can learn to use tablets to communicate or can find a way to express themselves that is less threatening than face to face communication. So, it is a double edged sword for mental illness.

  • Yes, Technology Can Exacerbate Mental Health Problems

    As much as I love technology, I know that it can make certain types of mental health problems worse; especially in the case of paranoid schizophrenics. They already have an obsession with the belief that "someone" is out to get them, and privacy issues concerned with certain technologies serve to "reinforce" their beliefs. However, technology should and will is called survival of the fittest, unfortunately the mentally ill are not "fit," in many ways.

  • Technology can be a danger

    Technology can make mental problems worse in several ways.

    If you're paranoid and obsessively into conspiracy theories you can find a wealth of information that will further de-stabilize your reality. If you're depressed, the cruelty of people on the internet can make you feel worse. There's also a kind of passive way that devices can make people worse. Some people believe that TVs, phone and computers are constantly tracking their movements and that everything they're doing is being monitored. Just being around technology can sometimes effect people.

  • No, not for everyone.

    There are tons of different mental health problems out there. We can't sweep them all under the same blanket and say that everyone with a mental health problem will badly affected by technology.

    Yes, while some people could be badly affected by technology, some people aren't. Most people aren't.

    Someone with extreme social anxiety or agoraphobia, who can't leave their house, can get social interaction via the internet or an instant messenger when talking to family. It's better than none, right?

    Some people can even get therapy via the internet, do their shopping, or even make themselves a business from home. Don't take that away from them.

    Also, someone with mental health problems isn't inherently violent or 'crazy' or will be set off by technology. It's only a case of some; or not even that, a few.

    So, yes, it can be harmful to some, but not to others. Please don't sweep everyone with mental health issues under the same general terms.

    After all, Depression isn't the same as General Anxiety Disorder.

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