Can terrorism ever be justified: Is terrorism justifiable if it represents the only means to counter an authoritarian regime?

  • Terrorism can be justified.

    It depends on who is claiming the terrorism and what they consider terrorism. The American government is beginning to attack it's own citizens, claiming terrorism. Many of these so-called terrorists are nothing more than people exposing government corruption. Others are just trying to wake up the American people to what is going on around them. We are being controlled, robbed and poisoned.

  • The terrorism the foe of humankind

    Terrorism is a kind of evil minded theme generated in common people whose are against government 's corruption its like should controlled because it takes away the life of many innocent people. It exploit the economic , social, political condition of the country . It destruct the life of innocent.

  • Terrorism cannot be justified.

    Violence is not a solution. The notion of terrorism implies use of violence, fear and intimidation. Even if/when terrorism represents the only means to counter an authoritarian regime, it would inevitably affect innocent citizens. The psychological, economic, and social effects of terrorism are far reaching and can not be justified.

  • No, terrorism is never justified

    Terrorism by definition hurts and/or kills innocent people, so whatever purpose it is done with has no relevance on if it is justified or not. It's cowardly in all scenarios, frustration with the regime in power is an understandable thing but anybody trying to pump themselves up as a hero for a terrorist act is subhuman and a moron.

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