Can the Allied bombings of Germany During WWII be justified?

Asked by: STALIN
  • Yes they can

    During WWII, the Western Allies bombed German cities to rubble. Hundreds of thousands of civilians were killed. Can this be justified? Yes it can. Germany did the same to Britain and other cities filled with civilians. The bombings brought a faster end to the war and maybe even saved lives.

  • No, no, no

    They cannot be justified. The Brits and the Americans deliberately bombed civilian targets day and night especially with incendiaries. Then left nothing for the civilians to even begin to survive on. What they did to my home town is an abomination [Dresden] The US is the biggest War Criminal of the world and I hope China makes them pay by eating their children.

  • No, add the the rape of German women to it too

    Attacking civilians is a nono whoever is the enemy. That's the basic dignity, decency and humanity that we've introduced into war in order to preserve our humanity.

    Dresed used to be called the Florence of North, now it's just another city with a pretty monument here and there.

    Add the mass rape of German women. Numbers are ghastly. Check it out on google. Here's a link:


  • The spirit of Newman ("Seinfeld")

    It was just Anglia (as well as Denmark, since they were Allied later in the war) bombing innocent German civilians to put fear into them. It's all racist BS. BTW, Newman on "Seinfeld" made a remark about Germans, makes you want to put that clown even more. I'm glad his truck got on fire. Unlikable racist character.

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