Can the Arab Spring revolutions create stable democracies?

  • Yes, the Arab Spring movements can produce stability

    This is something politically that I am not that informed about, so I can't discuss it except theoretically. I do believe that when you have enough people to band together to create and be in control of their own destinies that they will strive for stability over strife. Most humans actually want a world that is safe, and if these movements continue it may be a while, but they will be successful.

  • Region Finally Gives Up on Despots

    The Arab Spring showed the rest of the world that people yearn for democratic governments instead of despots fueled by greed and oil. Foreign governments should be able to help locals create stable democracies in previously dictatorial countries. Puppet governments should not be created as leaders should still be chosen by locals in various countries. Stable democracies can be formed, but only with help.

  • Can the Arab Spring revolutions create stable democracies?

    The key word is stable. There is a stark conflict in ideology. Religious extremists threaten the developing democracies with there beliefs. The economies are too weak to sustain a democracy. The people who want a democracy, the rational ones, are overshadowed by evil leaders, armies that control their people, and extremists who fight for political influence.

  • It would be nice, but I'm not hopeful.

    Most of those Arab countries that are part of the "Arab Spring" have no tradition of stable democracy. While a despot may be overthrown, it's just as likely that some other despot, a radical Muslim cleric, or some other undemocratic leader could ride the wave of popular sentiment to power. The current state of those societies is just not the kind of environment that breeds stable democracy.

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