Can the Arizona Cardinals sustain their momentum through the second half of the season?

  • Yes, I think they can sustain their momentum

    Yes, I think that the Arizona Cardinals can sustain their momentum through the second half of the season because I believe that they have a very strong built team and they have done extreamly well since the very first game of the season I can't picture that changing they know that they are a great team.

  • The Cardinals have demonstrated resilience

    Perhaps most telling in Arizona's strong first half of the season is that they played most of it without Carson Palmer, their starting quarterback. Additionally, the Cardinals suffered a rash of injuries to key players on defense, and Andre Ellington, their top running back, has been semi-hobbled most games as well. With Palmer back and Ellington on the mend, the team is in a tremendous position to do just as well in the second half of the season, having proven that they can overcome adversity.

  • Yes the Cardinals Can Finish Strong

    The Arizona Cardinals have had pretty good times during the last few seasons where they have been dominant and won games. I think that this is the year where they put it all together and sustain the momentum into the playoffs. They have a capable quarterback, reliable wide receiver, and some dependable parts on defense. They can do it and they will do it.

  • Arizona Cardinals Surviving Second Half of Season

    The Cardinals can sustain their momentum through the second half of the season if they have the right drive and mindset to push themselves. With baseball coming to an end, most players are ready for a vacation and a little rest. But, as for the Cardinals their fans will help them have the driving force they need to survive the second half and maybe even pull off a big win.

  • I don't think so

    The Cardinals have a tough schedule for the reminder of their games (Two include them playing the Seahawks). I just don't think that the Cardinals are consistent enough to go against these higher caliber teams. The Cardinals are a good team but they are in one of the toughest division in the NFL.

  • Not consistent enough

    If I saw them winning game after game then maybe I would be convinced that they could win. Just because they beat the Eagles doesn't mean that they are going to be that way all season. The Cardinals are a great team but not good enough to get into the postseason never mind have a good record throughout the rest of the regular season. They play in a tough division as well which will make it a lot harder to win.

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