• The Assad regime can survive the civil war

    The Assad regime has been surprisingly resilient. In recent times, whenever a civil war has happened in the middle east, the uprising has succeeded in overthrowing the government. This has not been the case for the Assad regime. Despite having the support of the U.S. , the rebels have not been able to take over. Assad has been able to keep a grip on his power during the 2 year civil war and it doesn't seems as if it is weakening. The rebels are starting to fall apart and fight amongst themselves. The Assad regime is in the position to beat the odds and keep their power in Syria.

  • No Assad regime is over

    No, I think that the Assad regime will soon be over due to increasing international pressure for him to step down for being an ineffective leader. Ever since news leaked of strong evidence of him gassing his own people I think that Assad realizes now is the time to go before it gets worse for him.

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