Can the bible help us to endure chronic health problems?

Asked by: Barbiedalejones
  • Strength & peace

    Many naysayers expect God to help us in unrealistic ways, such as a money windfall, miraculous cures, etc (yes, that does happen from time to time), but what God does promise is that whatever problems we face, He'll give us the strength & peace to weather that storm if we ask for it. That sometimes is better than solving the problem immediately cuz most times we want that quick fix, we do not learn anything from our present situation. Strength to learn & be better for the situation we're in, provides necessary growth.

  • Yes. Anything related to God can. Even in some cases it can directly cure by miraculous healing if one gets the right way.

    I'm not a Christian, however I wanna add our own opinions on illnesses:

    There are three reasons for illnesses, one, two or three of these can be the reason of one's illness.

    1. Wisdom of God to make one ill:
    For example, if he/she had his/her own health, he/she would abuse the health to do prohibited actions which would lead to hard punishments in the day of judgement. God loves that person and wants to stop him/her.

    Or God wants to show healthy people, how health is valuable. Healthy people see ill people and thank God for their health. The ill person will be rewarded in the next world

    Or God wants to show the power of His messengers to people. As we know God made some people ill, so that Christ(pbuh) could cure him.

    Or God wants to show that the true successors of Muhammad(pbuh) are the 12 Imams (also mentioned in the Gospel: a woman with 12 stars on her head in the heaven and the red dragon chose the 3rd. The 12th ,Mahdi, will appear with Christ(pbuh) in the future).
    This year, 26 million Shia Muslims got to 3rd star's grave in Arbaeenn 2015. A paralysis boy was cured by him and could walk.
    Just forty days before that a 9 years old blind girl got her eyesight in Ali's grave.
    Or some years before, some Christians got to Imam Reza's grave, the 8th, and one of them was cured. The lists are here. One can contact them and asks for addresses.



    2. The punishment. God wants to punish that person in this world, because of his/her wrong actions.

    3. God wanna put him in a test. How patience he/she is! How much he/she prays! How much hope he/she has! Will he/she be disappointed from My help or not!....
    These are good merits and if one gains these merits during illness he/she will be a dominant person in the next world.

  • I feel that a sound hope can help us have a more positive outlook despite chronic ailments.

    While the Bible will not help us seek the correct medical treatment for chronic illness--
    it can help us to cope with our situation and to have more hopeful attitude.
    For example: (Proverbs 17:22) " A joyful heart is good medicine, But a crushed spirit saps one’s strength."
    We can pray for strength to endure. And can receive “the peace of God that excels all thought,”—(Philippians 4:6, 7)
    which can reduce our anxiety and stress.
    I have more thoughts--but do not want to put too much at one time.
    Please leave your own thoughts about this.
    I am more interested in sharing ideas or thoughts, and opinions --than I am in arguments, so please --this not a debate--it's a discussion, -an exchange of ideas.

  • I don't a reason why that would be a question..

    While it is proven that stress is bad for you and praying will relieve your stress but you also have to imagine that if you believe God created everyone and he was happy with their image. Then guess what? You also believe that God is happy with you being disabled. That he couldn't have created you any differently or like a "normal" person, if you can call it that.

  • It won't cure you

    Any kind of emotional support is a good thing even if it comes from the source of a book. If you believe in that book its even better. But if you are referring to long term effects of even cures, no it will not help you. I would say at first reading the bible is your normal phase of denial after awhile reality will set in.

  • Eventually it wont.

    Sure, at first, religion may take your mind off the condition but as the condition persists or reoccurs, the less effective it becomes. Eventually, it will do no good at all and that is when the opposite may occur. Instead of the belief effecting the condition, the condition may effect the belief. Thoughts of "If your god did love you, would he put you through such suffering?". You may wonder why you wasted so much time believing in your god when it seems like it turned it's back on you.

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