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  • Once the damage is done it's done

    Once a deed is done one can not go back in time to repair the mistake made. Although one can try to compensate for a deed done, there is no true compensation. Never will the compensation be comparable to the wrong done. For example if you break a vase passed down from generations, it wont be the same by just buying a new vase or like having to go to jail for killing a person the person will still be dead the vase will still be broken. Once an action has been done the consequences of it have already occurred, you can't repair the damage done by slavery even if the Europeans asked for forgiveness, you can't repair the damage done by the Holocaust even if the Germans asked for forgiveness. Point is you can't fix what has already happened.

  • No, physical and emotional damage hurts.

    No, damage that is done cannot be repaired, because there are always memories of the damage. A person who is hurt emotionally will be emotionally cautious in the future. A person who is hurt physically will be more likely to be injured in the future. Even though physically things can be repaired, it is not without a lasting emotional cost.

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