• Yes It Can

    I believe President Obama proved that he can ignore the debt ceiling based on his lack of actions during the government shut down. I have to say I agree with his tactics as the whole problem was caused by the politicians under him and he shouldn't have to take the blame for their mismanaged tactics.

  • The debt ceiling cannot be ignored by any politician

    President Obama should be concerned with the debt ceiling. It may be possible for a politician to avoid changing the debt ceiling. This does not mean that it should be ignored. Economic policies must cater to avoiding this. Managing the federal budget relies on knowing how the debt ceiling works and what the reasons could be for raising it.

  • It will catch up with us.

    No, the debt ceiling cannot be ignored by President Obama, because it is a never ending cycle, much like credit card debt, that will eventually catch up to us. President Obama needs to realize that he must think about more than just his reputation and whether people like him right now.

  • No, the debt ceiling can not be ignored by President Obama.

    I think that the debt ceiling is something the should not be ignored by President Obama. It was an issue he said he was going to deal with during his re-election campaign. But he has yet to offer anything substantial to address it. I think the American people should demand Obama fix the problem.

  • The Debt Ceiling Cannot be Ignored

    President Obama certainly tires to circumvent the law whenever it suits his purposes. However he cannot ignore the debt ceiling. Spending is a constitutional function reserved for the Congress. His usurping of this function could have serious consequences, possibly even impeachment proceedings. The President will actually have to work and compromise with Congress for once on this issue.

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