• Of course the Dow will rebound

    First of all, the Dow won't plummet down to 6000 or -93%. The Dow, Nasdaq, and s&p 500 are all fine! But the main question is if the Dow will rebound after its slump. A few months ago, the Dow fell 1000 points from 18000 to 17000. Do we need to worry? The answer is no. We have a strong economy and many other trading partners have good economies like China, Japan, England, Germany, etc. Oil has gotten a slap in the face causing the Dow to fall between 200 and 370 points in December 2015. But everything will be fine. The Dow will rebound and be back to positive trading. The people who disagree, think about how it can rebound, not the worst case scenario of an economic collapse, because it won't happen. Wall Street and the Dow is fine and it will rebound very soon.

  • The Dow Jones can rebound if investors do not panic.

    The slump in the Dow Jones has caused widespread concern, but the fact is: it can rebound. It will all come down to reactions by both investors and the ones who manage the businesses. All eyes will be on the European market, as it has played a major part in what has happened on United States soil.

  • The Dow will rebound....eventually.

    The Dow Jones has been on a wild ride for the last few months and has been spirally for the last couple of weeks. I do think that as some of the conflicts plaguing global markets get worked out it will allow the economic markets to stabilize finally. The Dow Jones will rebound but only with a strong forth quarter.

  • No, due to a volatile market and several failed rebound attempts, it is unlikely that the Dow will rebound before year-end.

    It is highly unlikely that we will see a rebound in the Dow before year-end due to several key factors. The market is in a highly volatile state, with several failed rebound attempts and nervous investors backing away. As we enter the fourth quarter and near the end of the fiscal year, the current trends with the Dow should continue at least until after the first of the year. Military strikes on the terrorist group ISIS along with the possibility of the introduction of new tax breaks will keep investors more on the conservative side as far as their spending is concerned.

  • Only In False Hopes

    The economy is stalled and isn't going to change much. Income inequality has brought the economy to a grinding halt and anyone who can not see this is blind. I wish the stock market would just collapse at least there would be more equality afterwards. The majority of us can't afford decent food. Fix that first!!

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