• Yes, the EU Roma strategy is basically a compulsory tool for their inclusion.

    After centuries of living in poverty and being shunned by most European countries, a proposal from the European Commission set the stage for a series of Roma integration strategies. These strategies required each European country to compile their own strategy to integrate the Romani people. All member states committed to this and a way to monitor the success of the strategies was put in place, making them more or less compulsory.

  • EU Roma Strategy needs Roma involved

    The EU strategy assumes that all EU applicable nations participate. Non-participation not only lowers the stability of the system, it ruins it. This is why the threat of no longer participating with the EU carries so much weight. Naturally, if the EU can find ways to 'motivate' countries into joining the effort, it will. The Roma strategy makes non-participation a very painful process.

  • Yes it could be.

    The EU Roma strategy is a gigantic mess that needs cleaning up, but one of the ways it could be viewed is as a compulsory too for Roma inclusion. This would actually make the entire mess have a more positive light shed on it too. Especially for those on the left and politically correct.

  • Not trying to hurt them

    No, I do not think that this strategy is in any way trying to hurt the Roma people. I think that Europe is doing what it can for these people, and are not trying to trick them into getting pushed out or gotten rid of. They accept all races of people.

  • Will not be included

    The Roma strategy would not work because there is no real popular support for the entire thing. The Roma are not particularly wanted in the EU as there are so many countries in the the EU with long cultural histories of completely hating the people and systemically discriminating against them.

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