Can the Food Security Bill eradicate poverty in India?

  • Food security bill can eradicate poverty

    Yes,because if food security bill will be introduced than everybody in country can eat food . If everyone can eat food then parents will focus on providing education to their children. This will make the children educated and they would be able to improve their family conditions would be able to satisfy his family needs and thus, slowly-slowly India would be poverty free country. Everyone would be at least above poverty line.

  • Bills Are Worthless Without Will

    Govt con introduce any bill but if they don't have any interest in that after passing does mean that it is worthless. So before implementing any bills they must make a commitee to check whether it will be implemented in our country sincerely and correctly . Thus,
    a bill without a implementing commitee is worthless.

  • Food Security Bill Not Enough to Eradicate Poverty

    No, the Food Security Bill is not enough to eradicate poverty in India because the poverty situation in India goes much further than mere food. There are many, many social and economic factors in India that lead to poverty, and as such, no single bill is going to eradicate poverty.

  • Reduces Hunger, Not Eliminates Poverty

    The Food Security Bill is aimed at reducing the hunger of 2/3 of India's 1.2 billion people by providing five kg of grains every month. Eliminating hunger doesn't eradicate poverty--the underlying problem causing poverty will still be there after everyone's stomach is full of bread or rice. Indians need stable jobs and a better education system on top of food security in order to eliminate poverty.

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