• Yes, I think the free markets can create a clean,renewable energy source.

    I think if the market is there for renewable energy sources then businesses and investors will put the resources needed into creating renewable energy sources, I think the free market will always end up being the best solution to solving problems because individuals always find ways to captalize off of it.

  • The free market can create a clean, renewable energy source.

    The free market can create a clean, renewable energy source. I believe that with all the technology that is available today that we can create a better source of energy. We should not have to resort to methods that we have used in the past that were harmful not only to us but the atmosphere.

  • Yes, a free market can create a cleana nd renewable energy source.

    I think that a free market can create a clean and renewable energy source. I think that the principles and ideal of the term free market enable it to make such a thing happen. Plus the citizens involved in the free market are those who believe in such an ideology.

  • The free market has no interest.

    I don't think that the free market will be any good at that until it's too late. Remember, the free market is about profit. Innovation is only helpful if it makes you a profit leader. Right now, there's no profit to be made in clean or renewable energy. If there were, we'd be glittering with solar panels the world over.

  • No, it can't.

    The boom and bust cycle of the free market, in my mind, means that renewable energy sources would not become viable. There is either excess and greed, or famine and scraping. There would be progress by some in this area, but it would not spread far and wide like it should.

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