Can the general populace comprehend with the growth of science and technology?

Asked by: idontlikepeople
  • I think we can comprehend the growth of science and technology.

    There are many reasons people are not always as scientifically and technologically literate and well versed as they should or could be. Science needs to make an effort to reach out to people, not just to itself, and people need to push for better standards of education. Science benefits from popularisation efforts (such as those made by the late Carl Sagan and more recently by Professor Brian Cox, amongst a host of others) but there's a bit of a downside to that when certain publications, in the drive to be profitable, go with alarmist or unhelpful headlines.

    In any case, some developments should give us pause for thought and should raise concerns (if not outright fears), we are living in an exciting age where the possibility of altering and enhancing ourselves biologically is becoming a reality, an age in which the technology available to us can either help us put right that which we have practically destroyed (our environment, for a start) or it could assist us in our selfish, long-term visually impaired, self-destructive ways. It is up to us to make an effort to be informed, to understand these developments, to consider their potential implications (as much as that is practically possible), and to be taking part in the conversation. We can do that as long as science doesn't shut us out of it by speaking in highly technical jargon and in locations not easily accessed by the general public.

  • Americans are Stupid

    Me being a natural born American finishing high school I believe the standards they give to our schools all over isn't doing a good job at educating the public. The reason I say this is because our teachers and scientific development in general have been taken for granted we should be embracing the science community investing large amounts of government funds and privatized funds to groups like NASA and many scientists.

    They have not been given a chance by the media just criticizing and not looking at the evidence given. We should be investing in solar power and green energy because this world is the only one we can currently live on and people aren't treating it that way. They simply chose to ignore the risks and gamble we have to take to make that step in technology people just expect them to make gold from graphite we have to make LEAPS in funding for scientist(NASA) who change the world with only a 17 billion dollar budget....17 billion, you have to realize if you want this country to be a leader in education you have more than just 17 billion dollar budget.

  • The sad lowering of the average persons intelligence.

    Being a scientist, I have seen many wondrous technologies come alive and save thousands of lives or improve the general quality of thousands more, Yet, as i speak to people more and more pieces of technology are less understood by the average person and also become more feared through this.

    Asides from technology, the fear of understanding our situation as a specie, and our role on our planet and the entire universe seems to be even more construed as we advance, so do you believe that science is moving to fast for the general population (although granted its not something you should slow down)

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