• Yes they Can and will!

    The belief that the GOP will not influence young voters is not always true because I happen to be quite young and have a very strong belief in the values of the GOP. Limited government and belief in ones ability to achieve for themselves and a place where business can actually thrive. What's not to like about the GOP values? The only problem is the way a lot of democrats portray the GOP and other republicans as racist bigots because those who do not know anything and only follow what they are spoon fed via the media will continue to believe that way...What a shame. In fact Martin Luther King JR. Was a republican. The GOP stands for everything that made this country great!! FLAT TAX....Meaning everyone pays the same "PERCENTAGE" of what they make...Meaning rich people will still pay more because they make more. I KNOW THE GOP CAN MAKE A COME BACK....People just need to educate themselves.

  • YES

    There's this argument from Democrats that the GOP can't compete in a world where old fashioned whites aren't the vast majority. Well, that sounds pretty racist and ageist to me, but let's entertain that theory for a second.

    The Republican party is definitely going to have to tweak some of its policies in order to appeal to younger voters, but I think that the core of the party can remain. It's mainly the social issues, like abortion and gay marriage, that a lot of younger people have a problem with when it comes to Republicans.

    As for the race issue, people seem to forget that it's Latinos that are the up and coming minority, and even Romney took a decent sized minority of the Latino vote this time around. Bush and McCain did even better than him.

  • Yes, they can

    Politics tends to run in cycles, and things change all the time. Furthermore, political parties survive because they change to meet new situations. There will always be a place in American politics for values that the GOP espouses -- individualism, strong national defense, pro-business, etc. As the population changes, the GOP will simply tailor its message towards those demographics.

  • They Have Burned The Bridges

    There is very little chance of the GOP recovering any time soon. The fact is that they have burned the bridges between the GOP and the black communities, between the GOP and women's rights groups, and between the GOP and Hispanic communities. You cannot ignore the changing demographics in the USA and still be successful.

  • Not The Way Things Are Going

    The GOP keeps shooting itself in the foot. The Republican Party is just way to conservative for the average American to relate to. They keep getting chances to move to middle and become more reasonable, but they just double down on their crazy. More women and more minorities are voting, which will just push the GOP further and further into obscurity.

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