Can the government curb freedom of speech in India?

  • Yes they can...

    The Indian population can easily be manipulated under the name of religion, god, culture. Indian society has always been collectivistic. We as a society always give precedence to group/society over the individual's needs or desires, may it be rights or expressions. The voice of an individual is always curbed which is againts a group (religon, cast, region, lingual, race, profession). We as a general population are hardwired to form groups; when it comes to region we come together as a group of people from same state, when it comes to religon the same group of people from same state will form sub groups on the basis of religon... Then cast with the religon... Then subcast within the caste...... And this never ends.. We are successfuly groomed to oppose each other... In such an setup/environment individual's freedom of expression cannot be preserved..

  • No, there are too many people.

    No, the government cannot curb freedom of speech in India, because there are far too many people to control. India has a huge population. The people of India watch other nations, such as Americans and Europeans, exercise freedom to say the things they want to. The Indian people demand the same freedoms.

  • Couldn't stop free speech if they tried

    Short of executing everyone who disagrees with yourself, it is virtually impossible to stop people from speaking their minds in this age. With the internet, I can tell people all around the world what I think about something immediately. Unless they shut that down, they cannot stop free speech without causing a serious blow to culture as well as their economy.

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