• Yes, most definitely.

    I am a Christian, officially anyway. But in reality neither me or any of my family are even remotely religious, but that does not mean we don't appreciate the message of the Bible, or any other book, that people should share with each other, give to one another and respect each other ,and what better time to do that than Christmas.

  • Only Christians should celebrate Christmas – but in January on Jesus’ real birthday.

    Everybody else should celebrate Yule – the ancient mid-winter festival of light that the Christians hijacked when they arrived in Britain and replaced with Christmas – everybody should spend the holidays having fun, with laughter, eating, drinking, dancing, making love, giving and receiving gifts all in joyful Yuletide abundance – everybody except the Christians that is: the Yule celebrations are not them; they shouldn’t be celebrating non-Christian festivals; they should be in church quietly praying or at home solemnly reading the Bible.

  • Religion is Not Needed for a Celebration

    We don't bring religion into our birthday. We don't bring religion into New Year's day. We don't bring religion into Thanksgiving. 'Can the holiday's be supported without religion?' What a silly question! What many call the 'holidays' (Chrismas, Hanukah, etc.) is actually a time to celebrate the winter solstice. Just because you don't have a religion doesn't mean you can't celebrate the holidays.

  • Yes but its not as much fun

    As an atheist I find I still enjoy the holidays but most of my childhood memories revolve around the church. The holidays have not seemed as enjoyable without the church some of it maybe losing the childhood magic the is inevitable but without the church the holidays have become parties and excessive shopping.

  • Yes, the holidays can be celebrated without religion.

    The holiday time traditionally is to celebrate and remember historic religious dates. I think it is possible for those that are not actively practicing a religion to celebrate without it by simply choosing to do so. It has been happening for years. The stores are full of decorations that have nothing to do with religion. Office parties happen at this time of year that are not faith based. I think if you have a tradition then you can celebrate the holidays. Traditions are special because a new one can be started at any time and if celebrated last forever.

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