• Well first off, anything can be abused

    As we start to accept the new idea of respect and equality of the LGBTQ community, uncultured swines can use this occurrence to manipulate others. Just think about it: people these days will do anything for what they really want. Want money? Rob a bank instead of getting a job. Go panhandling. Claim false insurance payouts. Want to intentionally go into the other sex's washroom for do something nasty? Walk in like an it was an accident, or perhaps, be or say that you're transgender. I hope you get the idea. Now, I'm not saying that transgender people are perverts and do disgusting things. But, we still have immature people in our society that sadly abuse systems, not only with in the LGBTQ community as I have given an example on. It's very sad. We would expect to know better, but unfortunately not yet. It's not safe yet to say that it cannot be abused.

  • It Can be Abused

    With recent research, I found out the meaning of a "Transgender" and "Transsexual". A Transgender is a term used for when one believes they are the opposite sex at any time within their life, while a Transsexual is a term for being the opposite sex when born. The indication for a Transsexual is when they grow up, their hormones are opposite on what is expected. An example is a boy who grows up, and favors playing with dolls, than stereotypical boy type of activities. A Transgender on the other hand just decides they are in the "wrong" body. It can be at a young age, or even when they are an adult.

    With that idea in mind, I must ask if anyone can abuse the system of claiming that they are "Transgender"? In my opinion, I think many people can abuse the system about being "Transgender". One main conflict, that is occurring in society currently, is the issue of Transgender people using the opposite bathrooms than the ones given to them. In this sense, I imagine the amount of abuse that can be done within the Transgender System; where we can have a guy say "I'm a girl", and be allowed the the Women's Bathroom. But in reality, just came up with the lie to get "closer" to women. Imagine the amount of people that can use this system, just to get closer of the opposite sex. The people who use this system can be anyone, even me and you, especially certain types of individuals who bring a potential threat within society.

    So I must ask, can this system be abused? If not, then how can't it be abused?

  • Not in civilized countries

    Most countries that actually recognize Transgender rights also have legal change of gender policies that operate on the same framework as a legal change of name. As such, in said countries, issues of restroom abuse or other similar concerns is easily dealt with using the phrase "Can I see your ID, ma'am?"

    I can see how this is an issue in the United States, but the United States has difficulty recognizing basic human rights in general. When universally accepted concepts like Gun Control, Socialized Health Care and Marriage Equality are treated as these big uphill battles in the US and not in most other First World countries, there's a sign of bigger concerns with the country as a whole than "Transgender being abused."

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