• Most media lies.

    Mostly corporate media lies, From Fox to CNN, OAN to MSNBC. Now most of the people on here will claim I am some sort of leftist and just hate Trump and Fox is the only truth tellers. They don't care about truthful media. But for those that do, You can actually find objective truth in some media outlets that don't lean one way or the other. You just have to research, PBS can be a good source for unbiased fact for instance. Now, Unfortunately objective fact still looks like it is biased against conservatives but think about that for a second. Why would simple unbiased objective fact look biased against any group? That group lies. Simple answer. And as far as elites, ALL major media (Fox news being the most widespread media, Meaning the most mainstream) are run by millionaires, Tucker Carlson or Chris Cuomo have never had to work an honest day in their lives. People have to stop acting like idiot children and start using the brain they have in their heads and think critically. Anyway, I could continue to easily destroy every argument on this subject but I will only reach people who can think and that is becoming a rare commodity in this country.

  • Yes they can be trusted

    News can be trusted as if they do not provide the news then of course you will not reach every where to see that what is going on and also that if they provide wrong news then why do 4. 5 billion people read news papers and 4. 2 billion people see and check news on online sites.
    Almost half of the world believes in news then why do these sites want us to believe them that they are telling the truth and the news channels which have a lot more views then them and a lot more work experience are liars. WHAT KIND OF UNDERSTANDING IS THIS? They should understand that it is more important to get to know something then nothing as they have just put on up an allegation on news channels that they are liars.

  • Believe but verify

    Sure the news in there to make money but to make money they must give customers what they want. What we all want is TRUTH. When we catch the media in a lie they loose us as a customer. The media does it's best to give us the truth so as not to be outdone by another media.

  • They are truthtellers

    While many people might say that media lies to us . As in some cases it is true but it dosent happen normally the few times that it happens in a very small number and if media is ever caught lying and the people find full proof of how it happened :they risk closing down the news channel .

  • Yes, They are

    The media tells more truth than lies. I have trusted most of the events and happenings that appear in the media. When the media reports that there is a bomb that has exploded, that incident is likely to be truth. More often than not, the media is truthful. In fact, if the people felt that the media doesn't help them, then they could have stopped watching and these institutions could have collapsed long ago.

  • Truth = Money

    Because if they provide a good answer, they may get payed more by their employer, which is probably all they care about. For example if a bomb goes off in the sea, the media will be payed lots of money to write a report, and if they do it well, they will earn more money.

  • Much of the truths that you know come from the media.

    The media tells more truth than lies. I have trusted most of the events and happenings that appear in the media. When the media reports that there is a bomb that has exploded, that incident is likely to be truth. More often than not, the media is truthful. In fact, if the people felt that the media doesn't help them, then they could have stopped watching and these institutions could have collapsed long ago.

  • Journalists provide the truth

    As stated above journalists take an oath, https://online.Usc.Edu.Au/bbcswebdav/pid-532452-dt-content-rid-2968677_2/courses/CMN130_2013_Semester_1/MEAA%20code%20of%20ethics.Pdf.

    If a journalist violates this oath they are ruined. Journalists go so far as to do time in jail to keep their word and protect the people.

    I am currently studying journalism in university, and there's something to be said if one of the most jaded forms of institution is teaching that journalists tell the truth. Besides, who wants a job with lousy pay, working outside work hours and all the hatred aimed at them to just lie to the people?

    Now, I won't defend all the media, such as facebook, early morning tv programmes etc., but I will protect the news.

  • Yes, they can

    Yes, I do believe that we trust the media to tell the truth. This, of course, depends on different sources of media. Some parts of the media report much better than others who prefer to give their own opinion on an issue or put a spin on it. Anyway, journalists take an oath to provide accurate reporting and we should trust them on that.

  • There's to much money in bias to tell the truth

    All media organizations have bills and most people love to contribute or support organizations that already agree with them. The thinking is, If the news reports things I already believe, They are reporting the truth. In this country of far reaching information coming to a highly localized location (news form around the world accessed on your computer) it should be a law that every citizen must take a critical thinking course. The media lies, Because it's profitable and we let it happen.

  • Why can't the media let me listen to the truth on fox news

    I can't find the fox news article about why trump is getting nothing but the lies told and unsubstantiated accusations about him--but yet eveything the dummys (dems) (liberals) say is nothing but unsubstantiated and leading our country into chaos just like hitler did in world war two. . . Thanks a lot hilliary

  • I can't believe that so many exciting NEWS that Media reported is wrong and not honest

    Look, I vote for Democrats but what I see since this President elected so many wrong and bias News reported and almost 99. 9% is lie and unfair to the our country and President. Media need to stop taking side and report to us what is right not taking political site.

  • Major media has an agenda to destroy Trump

    I mean why else is 100% of their reports about Trump negative? Even if you don't like the guy, The amount of negativity the media dedicates to him is disturbing for a supposedly objective news organization. The media have not been the media for a long time, They have proven that they are merely an organization of opinion. And their hatred blinds them to the fact that they are alienating their own Watchers. I mean even if I were a hardcore Democrat, I wouldn't be able to stomach the 24/7 hatred CNN, MSNBC, And all of them seem to live on. And when someone has that much hatred for one person, Do we really believe that they are capable of being objective? No, They're going to find stories that feed that hatred. Or Worse, Make them up. As they have been doing.

  • It lies all the time

    It lied about Kennedy’s assassination, It is extremely pro liberal, Anti conservative (biased), It lied about who would be elected the last presidential election, It is propaganda for the far left, It won’t report something they don’t like (like the gay conservative being beaten close to death or the black actor lying about being attacked by Trump supporters), And the American people have lost a lot of trust with media (at least a majority of them).

  • The Media is Agenda Driven

    With the consolidation of all media types (print, Tv, Radio) into large corporations, Media now creates the news they believe will drive readers, Watchers, Listeners to their opinion. It’s not enough to work hard and dig up facts. It’s much easier to start with a premise and through successful telling and retelling create your own facts that fit your corporations position on the issues. Facebook is an excellent example. The opinions agreeing with the corporate opinion of FB are given prominent distribution. Those telling a different story are pigeon holed. They disappear. Break up the large aggregators of news, Return the voice to the small towns.

  • The reporting can be distorted and sensationalised which can offer risk to innocent lives

    They don't care about the whole truth or that there are two sides to every story. What they want is to sell papers regardless of the cost. I recently contacted a law firm about an article which was severely distorted and in turn affected so many innocent lives. Even the firm told me that the media was allowed to report what they wanted and unfortunately there is little that can be done. This is ridiculous and there should be stricter codes of conduct.

  • Of course not, the media is always telling the part they know and not the full story.

    Over the past few weeks I have examined different news reports about some of my interests and found that if one news channel speaks it out, the rest follow in their own opinion. For instance, a month - old report on GMA talked about my favorite YouTube channel, SUPERMARIOLOGAN but, as Logan states to Common Sense media, the description the news tells is only a fragment of the whole story. They only told about his OLD videos. He then states that his newer videos are much cleaner in content. In fact there was an interview on four youth - aged kids, that just enrages me. Those kids were most likely asked to say something that is completely not their opinion. Or an even older report stated that
    Roblox was inappropriate, AND THEY DONT EVEN KNOW HE WHOLE STORY BEHIND THE GAME. They just need to tell everything about the topic and make sure they don't miss a vital piece to the story.

    If you want to check the reports out yourself, then search it on YouTube ( I didn't have time to write the codes and stuff so search it on ABC and GMA)

  • All About Views

    The media this day is all about taking little bits and pieces and making up a whole different story because they want more views and they want to get the attention of people by telling them something they want to hear instead of the truth. If the media actually told the truth we would be more cautious and less stupid with their decisions

  • Controlled by the Elite

    The main steam media outlets will never go against the narrative set by the globalist ruling elite. They own the main stream media outlets! Would your boss pay you to speak badly of your company's policies? The main stream media will always support the wishes of their bosses even if it is all blatant lies. It will never change until we stop supporting them.

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