Can the Miami Heat break the NBA record for consecutive wins?

  • No Pressure For the Heat

    The Miami Heat won the National Championship last year, in 2012. This takes some pressure off of them for the current 2013 season. If they would not have lost the Championship last year, they would not be concerned with beating any records - they're only concern would be to win the Championship. But, since they won the Championship last year, this leaves more room for them to be concerned with other parts of the NBA, such as - beating a record. Now that they have won 27 straight games, the record of 33 is just around the corner. They do have a chance of beating the record if they stay hungry for it and play every game with enthusiasm and perseverance.

  • Indeed, yes it can.

    A game is a game is a game, and there is no reason why the Heat can't break the NBA record for consecutive wins. I'm not a regular basketball follower but I have always loved the Heat, and if such a non-sports oriented person such as myself has had so much faith in them over the years, they can do it!

  • Yes, they can continue

    Yes, the Miami Heat can absolutely continue their win streak. Obviously nothing is guaranteed, but they have an extremely dominant team. They arguably have the best starting line up and their bench goes deep. I don't think there's another team who's bench can compete with Miami's bench. It's definitely a very good likely hood.

  • Yes They Can

    The Miami Heat are more than capable of breaking the NBA record for the most consecutive wins. They are easily the most talented team in the NBA right now and they have a favorable schedule during the second half of the NBA season. I actually expect them to break the record.

  • They don't have a chance.

    They have a schedule of easy teams to come, but to get to 30+ wins in a row, they have to beat teams just like San Antonio. Even getting through the easy teams isn't going to be easy at all because all the teams will be more concentrated on stopping the Heat.

  • The record is out of reach

    They are in a stretch right now where bodies start to break down. They start to think of the record and get sloppy. The odds are stacked against them.

    Once the thought of breaking the record starts to seep in to the minds they will start making the mental mistakes that keep them from getting there.

    Good luck to them and I wish them the best...but for now that record is safe!

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