• Yes, the NFL should care more about their concussion player victims

    Chris Borland was a NFL player that found out about CTE. He got scared the day he learned about that rare disease that is common in many football and boxers. The NFL should be scared that a player walked away from millions of dollars because he was scared that the game he as playing, would cause him mental health problems in what would be his near future.

  • Yes, the definitely should be stricter to prevent concussions

    For many years the NFL was seen as a manly sport where big boys are going to get hurt. Injuries were an accepted fact of life, but in light of the devastating life altering affects of concussions, public opinion is evolving. No one wants to see their sports heroes debilitated after retirement or committing suicide due to too many blows to the head. These concussions cause catastrophic irreversible brain damage. No one should be led back into a game who takes a bad hit and can barely stand up afterwards. The NFL has to take it more seriously, so the more we talk about it and keep it in the forefront, the less chance they have of looking the other way.

  • The evidence supports it.

    They are all grown men and can make their own choices, but if the evidence shows its dangerous it is kind of evil to not provide better protection. They get paid millions of dollars but it's still evil to ask them to play without protection if it is available. Wouldn't you want it?

  • Yes I agree

    The NFL should definitely take responsibility and be stricter about preventing concussions. There is now plenty of research and knowledge on how playing football can result in serious head injuries. We have seen the drastic results from both recreational and professional football players - there's no reason the NFL should ignore the facts.

  • The NFL needs to be stricter about preventing concussions

    The NFL can and should take concussion safety much more seriously in order to protect the players. Ways to do this would be to have stricter helmet rules and harsher penalties for players that target the heads of opponents as well as have an independent doctor examine players with a suspected concussion because team doctors may be influenced by the players' desire to play and help their teams.

  • No, they do a good job.

    Concussions are bad. Yes its a very physical sport and concussions are a possibility. The concussion scandal was bad, them covering up and hiding evidence that they knew the risks of concussion was immoral. However the fact that people have not stopped playing (with one exception of that 49ers player) shows that the athletes are willing to take the risk in exchange for millions of dollars. Why wouldn't they, a lot of them are uneducated and from deprived backgrounds, the NFL is a good option for them. It is better than them staying in the ghettos and being killed in gang related crime or from drug usage. Maybe society should do more to fix poverty and these individuals maybe less inclined to go for the NFL. However probably not, because the NFL allows them to earn extravagant sums of money from doing what is essentially a hobby. Boxing is clearly dangerous however people are still willing to do it. Why? Because they enjoy it mostly, and secondly it pays money. If the NFL players where on the same wage as a postman they would still do it because its a more enjoyable job.

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