Can the print medium replicate the Facebook experience?

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  • Why want to

    Why would people take a digital product and transfer it to an older print format? After all, Facebook is specifically meant for computers and has no real analogue in the physical world (not even its eponymous book, which doesn't have even close to the same amount of depth of information).

  • There are some things print cannot do.

    The print medium served us really well for the past few centuries, but there are some things it never could be, and a big thing it never can be is an interactive medium (Choose Your Own Adventure Books excepted). No matter how hard you try, a piece of paper with words in ink will never be able to serve as an equivalent to Facebook.

  • The print medium cannot replicate the Facebook experience.

    The print medium cannot replicate the Facebook experience. Print medium is slowly disappearing because people are used to instant things. You can talk to someone instantly around the world instead of having to send a letter. With the ability of paying bills online these days, the use of postal services have become almost extinct.

  • No, Facebook is too interactive.

    No, the print medium cannot replicate the Facebook experience, because Facebook allows people to respond to many people at once in a matter of seconds. Print is a slow process. Often, things take days or even months or years to get from a thought into print. Facebook and other social media moves too fast for print to keep up. People want to communicate with each other faster.

  • Can't Contact Someone Instantly Half a World Away

    Print media cannot replicate the Facebook experience simply because the ability to contact someone half a world away instantly cannot be replicated by airmail services even if your letter flew on the Concorde. Facebook and other electronic media are fantastic in that they are faster and don't use paper so more trees can live.

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