• Scientists are the only ones we can trust.

    I don't understand all the mistrust with scientists. We all use science every day of our lives, with medicine, vehicles, the internet, and just about all of technology. Science brings us facts and things that are tangible, and scientists are the most humble people in the world. They are to be trusted.

  • The fact that 2 "No's" exist here

    Yes, cite sources and check facts, be cautious of pseudoscience. Know your correct terminology, so you know what you're reading. Science proves facts. Real scientist stay open minded, and prove facts by disproving other possibilities. Statistical things are different, but find out which scientists / teams / companies you know come out with solid results and fact check yourself.

  • If They Can't We Have Problems.

    The problem here is not if we can trust scientists. The problem is many people do not have enough fortitude, and brain power to see if what scientist are discovering makes sense. If people do not believe something a scientists say, or the vast majority of what scientists say, then they need to go out into the world, and figure it out for themselves.

  • They serve us

    Yes, the public can trust scientific experts, because everything that they do and work on is meant to help out all of society. They are not trying to hurt anyone or come up with something to mess up peoples lives. They are looking for answers to the problems we face.

  • trust the scientist

    Arno Ghelfi Scientists have had a rough year. The leaked Climate gate e-mails painted researchers as censorious. The mild H1N1 flu out­break led to charges that health officials exaggerated the danger to help Big Pharma sell more drugs. And Harvard University in­vestigators found shocking holes in a star professor’s data.

  • Public Scientific Experts

    I personally think that the public should not trust scientific experts because all people make mistakes and no one's perfect. I personally think that the public should not trust scientific experts because science could be debatable depending on the scenario. I personally think that the public should not trust scientific experts because everyone learns each and everyday.

  • You cannot trust science

    Science is not about truth or facts, But just a large number of people (mostly scholar and academia) who engage to adopt scientific method for research the nature and society. Science project are funded by billionaire donation, Large-scale enterprise and government, Which can be corrupted by political, Religious, Group interest, Money-making business, Marketing, Anti-religious, Ideology motivate.

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