• Will The Rockets Recover?

    I believe that the Rockets will be able to recover from their loss against the Mavericks! I know that this was a very hurtful loss for them. But I feel if they can look past this, they will be able to recover and come back with an even greater win.

  • Yes, the Rockets can recover from their loss to the Mavericks.

    The Rockets have dominated this series. A win would've meant a sweep of the pitiful looking Mavericks. The loss was probably staged just to sell tickets or maybe the Rockets felt sorry for them and let them win. Either way, the Rockets are the better team and will finish them off in the next game.

  • I agree that the Rockets can recover from their defeat.

    The Mavericks had a great victory against the Rockets yesterday. The game that was played was very close and could have quite possibly gone in either team's favor. I think the Rockets can recover because they are a great team as is and have great players as well. The Rockets just have to practice and perform a little better.

  • No recovery possible

    There is no recovery possible for their loss against the Mavericks, but that is all it amounts to. It will not stop the team from moving on. It simply means they can not reverse history. The loss might also make team players lose faith or confidence in the short-run, but they will do better another time.

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